Wadworth to relaunch entry level bottled beer

Wadworth: relaunching Horizon

Wadworth: relaunching Horizon

Wadworth is to relaunch its entry level beer, Horizon. The revamp will see the golden ale transferred to a new flint bottle to improve visibility, while new labeling will highlight the heritage of the brand as well as provide tasting notes.

Christine Evers, marketing product manager at Wadworth, said: “The bottled ale market is continuing to remain strong and, with the market benefiting from new entrants in the form of younger drinkers, we have seen particularly strong growth in golden ales.

“Golden ale is a great crossover product from lager, as it can be served cold and offers the same refreshment, but with the added benefit of a more interesting taste – all characteristics that we know younger drinkers are looking for. Horizon will also be the first of Wadworth’s eight bottled ales to move to a new flint bottle, to remove the fear of the unknown and demonstrate the fantastic golden colour of the beer.”

Horizon is brewed with 100% pale ale malt and a blend of Fuggles, Styrian Goldings and Cascade Hops. The beer is pale gold in colour with zesty, citrus and hop aromas and a crisp tangy finish on the palate, according to Wadworth.

Other ales in the Wadworth bottled ale portfolio include 6X, Swordfish, Old Timer, George & Dragon, Farmers Glory, Henry’s IPA and Bishops Tipple.