Waitrose to create 2,000 new jobs in 2014 with 26 new stores

Waitrose: expansion plans for supermarkets and c-stores

Waitrose: expansion plans for supermarkets and c-stores

Waitrose has confirmed that it expects to create up to 2,000 new jobs through new shops in 2014.

The retailer is opening 26 shops across the UK, including up to 15 new supermarkets and 11 new little Waitrose convenience shops.

Together, the new shops will add nearly 350,000sq ft of selling space to the estate underlining the rapid expansion Waitrose has experienced in recent years. It has opened more than 100 branches of its 302 store estate in the last five years.

Those shops already confirmed, include supermarkets in Teignmouth, Edenbridge, Keynsham, Locks Heath, Sherborne, Hove, Leek, Swindon, Hereford, Egham, Malmesbury and Chester. It will also add new convenience shops in East Putney and West Hampstead. More locations will be confirmed throughout the year.

Waitrose director of development, Nigel Keen, said: “Our growth story continues as we take the brand to more customers and invest in our omni-channel approach.

“During 2012 many of our new branches received than more than 10 applications for every vacancy – so we’re delighted to be able to create an additional 2,000 roles.”

“As part of the recruitment process, we will be continuing to set aside apprentice roles for those who have little or no experience of the working world.”

Waitrose also announced in September last year that it will create 500 jobs in the capital when it opens a second e-commerce grocery depot in Coulsdon, South London in autumn 2014.

New Waitrose shops confirmed for 2014, including sales areas:


  • Swindon, Wiltshire – 28,000sq ft
  • Hereford, Herefordshire – 15,78 sq ft
  • Egham, Surrey – 20,000sq ft
  • Malmesbury, Wiltshire – 18,000sq ft
  • Chester, Cheshire – 29,000sq ft
  • Edenbridge, Kent, 12,000sq ft
  • Hove, East Sussex, 29,000sq ft
  • Keynsham, Somerset, 25,000sq ft
  • Leek, Staffordshire, 16,700sq ft
  • Locks Heath, Hampshire, 29,000 q ft
  • Sherborne, Dorset, 12,000sq ft
  • Teignmouth, Devon, 19,000 q ft
  • Up to three more locations will confirmed throughout the year

little Waitrose shops:

  • East Putney – 3,000sq ft
  • West Hampstead – 3,000sq ft
  • Up to nine more locations will confirmed throughout the year