Waitrose implements interactive customer experience solution across convenience stores

Waitrose: capturing customer feedback in convenience stores

Waitrose: capturing customer feedback in convenience stores

Waitrose has adopted advanced real-time feedback technology as part of its strategic response to future retail. It has appointed research specialist CRT who, in conjunction with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, has delivered a customised in-store customer experience solution.

CRT’s Customer Experience Platform – ViewPoint, together with Toshiba’s AnyPlace Kiosk solution, is reported to be empowering Waitrose with high quality customer feedback. ViewPoint analyses and delivers customer insight in real-time to store managers and key operational teams.

Retail hardened Toshiba AnyPlace Kiosks with touchscreen capability are placed just past the tills, offering customers an easy-to-complete four screen survey. Waitrose customers rate their experience in less than 20 seconds and have the option to leave a comment. The comments are said to have proved particularly valuable and CRT’s free text analysis tools mean that the information is relayed to Waitrose in a meaningful, contextualised way.

The store roll-out began with a successful pilot in little Waitrose convenience stores in 2013. This showed that over 700 customers a week would give feedback through the touchscreen technology. One early benefit for the retailer was the use of the technology within stores undergoing refits. As a highly customer focused retailer, Waitrose takes care to ensure that disruption is minimised and customer satisfaction maintained. The nature of the ViewPoint platform is that the feedback is reported in real-time, enabling branch managers to act early before any issues in customer satisfaction levels develop.

ViewPoint customer satisfaction reporting is multi-level and multi-faceted, said CRT. It enables Waitrose branch managers to view their own local data, whilst head office has a holistic picture and is able to benchmark the performance of the stores as well as identifying any trends and patterns.

Richard Quarterman, Waitrose’s service innovation manager, said: “At Waitrose we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the highest possible level of service, and the introduction of the touchscreens gives us another way of capturing what our customers want. We selected CRT because of their award-winning validation software that gives us confidence that we are receiving genuine customer comment. We have been impressed by their flexibility in responding to different and changing requirements, their positive attitude to find solutions and their understanding and empathy for our culture and approach.

“Use of the Toshiba touchscreens has given us a number of advantages. As the survey is quick and easy to use we have significantly increased the number of customers responding to us. As it provides real-time feedback, we can start to track customer responses across different times of the day and days of the week, giving our operational management teams’ valuable insight into store performance within a clear frame of reference.”

Simon Rowland, CRT’s CEO, said: “We enjoy working with Waitrose and there is a fantastic fit between our organisations. Our unique customer experience platform has been moulded to fit seamlessly into Waitrose’s infrastructure and we continue to push forward with developments that are designed to enhance the experience of Waitrose customers.”

“It’s a great collaboration where we are all playing to our strengths. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has world-class hardware solutions; its AnyPlace Kiosks are proven in retail environments. We have utilised Toshiba technology for many of our customers, where our ViewPoint software is at the centre of our multi-channel solutions. Waitrose has a passion for providing world-class customer service at every touch-point. Together we have created a winning customer experience solution that delivers tangible, measurable benefits to Waitrose.”