Waitrose launches Super Green Kimchi from Vadasz

Waitrose is exclusively launching Vadasz Super Green Kimchi – a live cultured super condiment that spruces up any dish with a burst of flavour, while being ‘gut friendly’. The moreish product will be available in 140 stores and on the Waitrose website from today, 25th November.

Following strong sales of the original flavour Vadasz Kimchi pots in Waitrose, the brand has developed a new recipe that offers a healthy and moreish twist on the traditional Korean condiment.

The new Super Green Kimchi recipe, which can be found in the chilled aisle, contains delicious and crunchy ingredients which are also renowned for their antioxidant health benefits, including: Chinese leaf cabbage, cucumbers, apples, kale, spring onions, green jalapeno chillies, ginger and garlic.

Highly versatile, kimchi is currently one of the UK’s hottest food trends, with Google searches for kimchi doubling during 2020 and Vadasz sales alone up 3,400% (52 week comparison, 22nd October 2020) – while Waitrose saw a 43% increase in sales of kimchi during the first national lockdown. In a Vadasz Vypr consumer survey, 33.8% of respondents said they were keen to try East Asian food above other cuisines, and 84.8% said they already ate kimchi monthly or more frequently. Highly versatile, kimchi can be added to almost any dish. Perfect for sandwiches, 46% of respondents said they would add kimchi to a salad, while 44.8% would enjoy in a burger, and 38% would add as a topping on other foods.

In addition, 55.8% of consumers said that they were planning to eat a diet that is more plant-based in 2021, or had already adopted a plant-based diet, with 56.9% saying they were actively trying to improve their gut health. Related to this, 68.9% said they perceived kimchi to be healthy.

Charlie Holland, senior brand manager for Vadasz, says: “Vadasz Kimchi has been flying off the shelves at Waitrose, the retailer which first launched our products. Customers have shared with us just how much they love the original recipe, so our fermentation experts have been busy in the kitchen developing a new recipe that we are sure shoppers will love. The Super Green recipe is packed full of flavour, but offers a modern take on a Korean classic – plus all the tasty ‘gutness’ you’d expect from fermented vegetables.” 

Made using live cultures, Vadasz Super Green Kimchi is the result of the magical process of lactic acid fermentation. This process means the kimchi contains probiotics which can be beneficial to the gut and are not found in many existing ambient products that are pasteurised. Anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties increasingly found in kimchi are often sought-after in food products as consumer awareness of good gut health and overall wellbeing grows.

Leyla Page, buyer at Waitrose, says: “As consumers become increasingly health conscious, interest in fermented food is growing. Kimchi in particular is an unstoppable food trend, with shoppers keen to explore cuisines that can offer new flavours and textures. We’re pleased to exclusively share a completely new product with our customers, which we are sure will build on the popularity of the original Vadasz Raw Kimchi.” 

Each pot of Vadasz Super Green Kimchi weighs 400g and has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £4.50.