Waitrose picks workforce management solution from Kronos for new RDC

Waitrose has selected a workforce management solution from Kronos to manage the time and attendance, and flexible working schedules of employees at its new distribution centre in Leyland. The distribution centre will be operational from July 2013.

Recognising paper-based workforce management processes would not serve the needs of its new distribution centre, the retailer said it selected the Kronos time and attendance solution as well as the new Kronos InTouch time clock. Kronos will be used by 300 Waitrose employees to help manage flexible working hours and time-banking, monitor absence, accurately record working hours and overtime, and manage holiday bookings.

Kronos was selected following a thorough tender process. According to the company, it was chosen for excellent references from other retail and grocery organisations, knowledge it offered the best platform for future development, and proven integration capabilities to link the system to other complementary software applications. Kronos said it will help the organisation to significantly reduce manager-level administrative tasks around employee time management and holiday entitlement, and ensure that payroll errors are reduced.

Employees will benefit from consistently accurate payroll, an overtly fair and objective process for recording all working time including overtime, holidays and lateness, and the introduction of flexible working hours and time-banking, Kronos said.

Waitrose employees will use the Kronos InTouch time clock with biometric verification technology to record their working hours. The touch-screen time clocks will also allow employees to view their own banked-hours, holiday balances, and overtime payments. The drivers for selecting Kronos InTouch were ease of use, ergonomic design, employee self-service capabilities, and seamless integration with the Kronos workforce management solution. 

Tim Bisley, general manager, Kronos EMEA, said: “Waitrose recognises a new warehouse requires state-of-the-art technologies – not just for logistics management, but for people management too. Accurate payroll, cost control, and fair and consistently accurate processes for managing employee time are just some of the benefits of using a Kronos solution for workforce management.”

Mike Wooldridge, Waitrose supply chain development manager, said: “We are really excited by the potential of this Kronos solution and are looking forward to implementing it in our new Leyland Regional Distribution Centre, demonstrating its benefits and exploring its wider use within our network.”