Waitrose has most popular online retail advertisement, Ebuzzing’s April ranking shows


Technology-driven video advertising solutions provider, Ebuzzing, mines data to analyse which retail brands win the most views. Here are its results for April 2014:

Retailer                                                                                                              Views

Waitrose 370,703
Dyson 305,157
Asda 242,168
Ikea 628,346
Decathlon 525,285

Jeremy Arditi, UK managing director of Ebuzzing, said: “The winning retail video advert for April was Waitrose’s ‘Boy and Carrot’. The video begins with a young boy listening intently to his father explain the principals of gardening before beginning his grand project. He suffers the trials and tribulations all gardeners will be acquainted with; excessive rain, crows and frost, but suddenly the weather changes, the sun begins to shine and his seeds start to grow. He rips his vegetable from the ground and, after carefully cooking, serves up a tiny, lone carrot to his entire family. His look of pride and happiness is adorable and perfectly expresses the advert’s final line ‘When you own something, you care a little bit more’, said while a Waitrose worker packs carrots. The advert alludes to Waitrose’s employee-owned company structure, showing it as an attractive and rewarding place to work. A great advert and deserving of its first place spot.

“The second most viewed advert during April was Dyson’s very short yet effective ‘sneak peek’ of product testing for their vacuums. At the beginning, a Dyson worker states:  ‘At Dyson, we have 1000 of the best engineering minds together’, before moving on to show two shots of Dyson proving to be better at suction and durability. The speed of the advert along with the simplicity of the testing and filming make it effective and interesting to watch. The final line states: ‘Imagine, Create, Build’- to reinforce their company statement.

“Asda took third place last month with a great Easter advert featuring dancing chicks and funny music, a sure win for Asda’s branding. It begins with chicks in houses ‘singing along to the same tune’ before introducing the #AsdaChick, as the narrator tells the audience to ‘get down and boogie with it’. The music is a winner here, along with graphic adjustments that mean the chick can seriously dance. Forming part of their Easter and Spring campaign, the strapline runs ‘don’t just match, but beat them’, referring to the other chicks representative of the other big supermarkets.

“IKEA’s kitchen space advert was the fourth most viewed advert of April, as part of Ikea’s ‘wonderful everyday’ campaign. The advert is the second instalment, focusing on the most important and busiest space of the house- the kitchen. It presents a whole family getting ready for dinner, the different roles and preparations entwine and merge within the rotating kitchen surfaces, doors, fridges, walls and appliances. Even the family dog is involved, and Ikea really hone in on practicality and accessibility as clear winning qualities of a family kitchen.

“In fifth place was Decathalon (Spain), a sportswear brand, which showcased a particularly simple yet enjoyable advert of a boy and a girl getting ready for sport. The clothes, in trendy colours and fabrics, was chopped and changed according to an ipad selection, which reflects the ease at which a consumer can browse and preview what an outfit would look like before purchasing online. The upbeat, techy music invites the target 18-34 audiences to browse and enjoy the clothes, just like the featured boy and girl.”