Walkbase and Kesko trial personal offers triggered by customer’s location in store


New personalised offers service launched in Finland

Walkbase, the in-store analytics and marketing platform for retail stores, K-Plussa, the widest and most diverse retail loyalty programme in Finland (part of the Kesko Group), and Seed Digital Media, a Scandinavian loyalty marketing agency, today announced they are jointly developing and testing a new mobile service that evokes personalised offers to customers’ smartphones as they enter a store.

K-Plussa, Walkbase and Seed are using the K-citymarket Kupittaa hypermarket to test how interesting and functional a new mobile service is. Upon entering the store, a customer who has joined the test group will get a text message about weekly promotions and discounts. Technology created by Walkbase is used to recognise the customer.

The option to join the test group was sent as a text message to a chosen group of K-citymarket Kupittaa loyalty customers. The first 100 who replied were picked to join the test group and provide their opinion on the new mobile service.

“Involving customers from the very beginning gives us valuable information about what kind of services we should invest in and what kind of promotions interest them. The participants have been satisfied with the new function and a lot of promotions have been used. You can use the promotion by showing the text message at the service point and this way we also have a chance to get to know our customers better,” said retailer Hannu Aaltonen.

“K-Plussa is currently creating a mobile application that offers the customer a personal account to his or her own store. K-citymarket Kupittaa’s pilot is giving us experience and the test group is giving us important insights on developing digital services. In the future we will be offering more and more services through digital channels. This way we can serve and reward the customers in a more versatile way,” said Ismo Riitala, CEO of K-Plussa.

“Activating product information, offers and other digital services as the customer enters a certain location in the store has become quite popular among retailers. With the same technology we are able to create anonymous analytics on how people move around the store. We can also connect the digital shopping journey that was started earlier online, to the visit to the actual store and vice versa. Our solutions are already used in hundreds of shops around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. K-citymarket Kupittaa has tested the technology for over a year and it has been a pleasure following how K-Plussa and Kesko, as the pioneers of the field, are taking the digitalisation of shopping to the next level”, says the CEO of WalkbaseTuomas Wuoti.