Walkbase announces 10-fold growth in past 12 months with 100m shoppers analysed


Walkbase, the provider of in-store analytics for airports and retail stores, has announced it has continued its record breaking growth in 2015, analysing the in-store habits of over 100m shoppers to date, compared to 50m shoppers the year before. The company also saw the value of its customer contract base grow ten-fold with its platform now servicing 30 major retailers in UK and Europe.

With the increase in customers and contract value, Walkbase now has its technology installed in more than 500 stores and airports.

As part of this successful year, Walkbase hosted its UK launch event in September 2015, where it announced its Augmented Advertising solution with its close partner, Samsung. The Walkbase technology together with Samsung’s digital in-store helps retailers, particularly supermarkets and shopping centres, monetise in-store advertising and sell it to retail brands. The platform anonymously analyses customer behaviour through Wi-Fi signals from customer smartphones and combines this to other data such as door counters and point-of-sale. Insights including the paths customers take, what they look at and when they arrive form the basis of behaviour-based shopper profiles.

“Last year was another hugely successful year for us, and saw the company achieve record-breaking sales and customer traction,” said CEO and co-founder of Walkbase, Tuomas Wuoti. “We have seen in-store analytics grow into a category in its own right and as a result more retailers than ever before are taking advantage of it. Wi-Fi is the technology to use for anonymous in-store analytics that can help improve sales and optimise the customer experiences, and also to better manage assets and employees in-store.

“We have a dream,” said Wuoti. “It’s the ultimate in-store customer experience. Brick-and-mortar retail has so many things that cannot be reproduced online — be it the human aspect, personal service, touch and feel, the wow effect, or the immediacy. Yet, we as consumers seem to have forgotten some of these factors as we’ve got so excited about ordering products online. We at Walkbase are committed to equip and enable brick-and-mortar retail to embrace its unique touch to the shopping experience.”