Wanzl UK Group to launch new handling equipment at IMHX on back of retail wins

New retail equipment

New retail equipment

Wanzl UK Group, the leading supplier retail equipment in the UK, is launching its latest materials handling and order picking solutions for the warehousing, distribution and online retailing sectors at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX), 19-22 March 2013.

Wanzl will feature its Reviva branded remanufactured equipment and heavy-duty impact protection solutions for the first time at IMHX.

In 2012, Wanzl said it secured significant new business wins for one of the big four UK supermarkets and one of the world’s largest online retailers; while continuing to supply KT3 picking trolleys in volume to Wilkinson and roll cages to Iceland.

Wanzl said it also achieved a Tesco Value Award in recognition of the support and service provided through the design, prototyping, volume production and on-time roll-out of a roll cage solution to a number of key Tesco depots in the UK.

Managing director of Wanzl UK Group, Dean Rolland, said: “With austerity very much in the headlines, companies have been focused on driving out supply chain costs without compromising on quality. As a company we are committed to innovating to meet the rapidly evolving demands of our customers and this created lots of new opportunities for us to secure additional business with large national clients in 2012.”

Slimline roll cages for the convenience retail sector have also boosted sales, said Wanzl.

Head of logistics and industry for Wanzl UK Group, Doug Jeffery, said: “All major retailers continue to invest in smaller store formats, driving the requirement for more compact materials handling solutions which can deliver directly into the store. Working with our customers and the Wanzl R&D team, we have developed a variety of units which meet this need which we anticipate will grow over the next few years. Additionally, by introducing new materials which reduce noise, deliveries can be made late at night and early in the morning without disturbing store neighbours.”

According to Wanzl, a key win for the company in 2012 was the award of a major contract for roll cages secured with fast-growing Liverpool-based retail group, TJ Morris, which trades as Home Bargains.

Home Bargains operations director, Joe Morris, said: “We appreciate their personal interest and attention to detail throughout the solution development process, from prototyping to the volume delivery of a product which precisely meets our requirements. I have been so impressed with the service levels, the quality of the products and the long-term cost-savings that these will provide that we are currently changing the entire roll cage fleet to Wanzl products.”

Another breakthrough project has been the development of three prototypes for a bespoke roll cage solution for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), in partnership with global logistics automation giants, Swisslog. “This will provide further opportunities for Wanzl into new sectors of the market in 2013,” said Jeffery.

“We will also continue to develop various multi-pick tote/cart solutions for online in-store shopping, featuring integrated on-board mobile computing with our technology partner, X2 Computing which has already produced some excellent contract results,” he said.

In addition to Pick by Light technology in the mail order trade and electrical power for trolleys to ensure easy handling even with heavy loads, Wanzl said it is also focusing on developments with RFID, Wi-Fi and the further use of light-weight materials.

At IMHX 2013, Wanzl will demonstrate its latest solutions for the retail supply chain, including a wide range of materials handling innovations and bespoke order picking and transport equipment.