Wartner turns wart removal expertise on corns and calluses with new pen

New corn and callus remover pen

New corn and callus remover pen

Wart and verruca remover brand Warnter is now applying its expertise to corns and calluses with the launch of a Corn & Callus Removal Pen.

The pen is said to use the latest in patented TCA-active and easy-to-use application technology by Medical Brands, and marks the brand’s expansion into the treatment of corns and calluses for the first time.

The new product has all the qualities synonymous with the Wartner range with particular emphasis on rapid acting efficacy and market leading innovation, adding genuine value to the consumer, the company claims.

Effective from the first week of treatment, the New Wartner Corn & Callus Removal Pen uses a highly concentrated TCA Gel which is proven to be stronger than the commonly used Salicylic Acid, Wartner said. Combined with its unique application method, the product is of particular benefit to consumers because it offers effective treatment without pharmacologic effect.

The easy to use pen is claimed to allow precise distribution of the gel, permitting more targeted treatment to stubborn corns.  

Applied daily for four days followed by a break period for a further four days, visible results will start to appear and the dead skin will begin to peel off without the need for filing, Wartner said.

Louise White, marketing manager of Wartner, said: “The launch of the new Wartner Corn & Callus Removal Pen builds on a catalogue of recent successes for the brand including consumer award wins.

“We have proven strengths in both cryotherapy and acid treatments delivering an extremely convenient, but highly efficacious, product range for consumers wanting to self-treat warts and verrucas. It felt a very natural step to work with Medical Brands to apply that expertise and innovation to corns and calluses. It’s our intention to deliver growth to the category with this unique treatment. ”