The Weather Channel Global Media and Met Office showcase power of weather as advertising category

Weather: a powerful advertising tool

Weather: a powerful advertising tool


The Weather Channel Global Media and the Met Office are hosting a joint event today to introduce weather as an advertising category to brands and media agency executives.

The event, at the Century Club in London, will include over 80 industry executives, as well as presentations and debate from experts at the Met Office, Forrester and Google. The event will be moderated by the IAB. 

The attendees will hear about:

  • The science of weather – Dave Jones, head of applied weather science, Met Office: Jones will discuss why the weather is so changeable in the UK and showcase the exciting developments that are leading to step changes in our ability to provide timely weather impact advice
  • The impact of weather on the consumer – Anthony Mullen, senior analyst forrester: Mullen will outline the importance of environmental data for targeting contexts, illustrate companies that have successfully used weather data across the customer lifecycle and provide actionable insights on next steps
  •  Leveraging weather for effective engagement – Tom Jenen, head of marketplace Development, Google: Jenen will examine the power of the weather data vs other data sets, discussing how advertisers can leverage weather data on a practical level for effective consumer engagement -with conditional weather triggered advertising – and insights into how businesses are buying weather data and conditions today

Ross Webster, managing director EMEA, The Weather Channel said: “Weather is the most primal, universal factor in consumer decision making. At The Weather Channel, we analyse hundreds of GBs of weather data every minute of the day, and advances in consumer technology, particularly in mobile, now mean that we can utilise this data to deliver hyper-local, highly targeted, relevant messages based on current weather conditions.”

Terry Makewell, head of digital & global media at the Met Office, said: “In the past month alone, the British public has endured severe and often dangerous weather events. The same powerhouse of scientific excellence and skill that protects us during these destructive conditions is positioned to deliver phenomenal reach for advertisers to the UK public through our digital platforms. This unique ability underpins our intelligent products that support agencies and their clients in maximising the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Follow the action at #weatherads.”