Web giant Amazon is top retail brand on social media, Brandwatch reports

Web giant Amazon have been named as the top retail brand on social media, according to Social Insights on the Retail Industrya report by social media monitoring firm Brandwatch. Making up the top three were two other retailers, Etsy (2nd) and Ebay (3rd), with Walmart the top bricks & mrtar retailer in fourth. Target made up the top five.

A comprehensive study analysing and scoring the world’s top retail brands and their visibility, sentiment and mentions on social media, the Retail Social Report examined over 10 million interactions over four months, giving each retailer a score across five categories: Social VisibilityGeneral VisibilityNet SentimentReach Growth and Social Engagement & Content. 

 The key findings from the study, which awarded retailers a total score out of a possible 500, included the following:
  • The top five retailers all scored upwards of 300, with Amazon scoring 349, Etsy 336, eBay331, Walmart 328 and Target 320
  • Positions 5-10 in the study were held by Toys R Us (with a score of 320)Lowes (315)Kohls (307)Sephora (299) and Bed, Bath & Beyond (292)
  • The individual category winners were: Amazon (General Visibility), Sanborns (Social visibility), Sams Club (Net Sentiment) Kmart (Reach Growth) and Debenhams (social engagement & content 
  • Facebook is the clear leader in engagement, with consumers nearly three times as likely to share brands’ content on the platform than they would on Twitter
  • Surprisingly, 99% of all content retailers share on Facebook is visual, with only 1% exclusively status copy. 
  • The average response time from a retailer on social media is 7hours and 33 minutes, with Petco having the quickest average response time

The study also found that when it comes to responsiveness, retail brands scored better than other industries, such as automotive and television networks with a retailers’ tweets a third more likely to be a direct response to a consumer.