Web site offers credit checking service on UK companies


Web site bizzy.co.uk is offering free credit ratings on all UK companies.

Discovering whether or not a new customer is creditworthy should be an essential step for any business, it says. But companies can be so grateful for new business enquiries, they overlook a vital, yet simple check to find out if the potential customer is creditworthy — and what level of credit limit should be applied. This is particularly applicable in today’s commercial environment, where customers are hard won and credit control is critical to business success.

Many companies skip this step because they regard it as an unnecessary cost, or simply a hassle — only to find out when it’s too late that they are likely to lose money, and possibly even their own business through bad debt.

All that’s needed to check whether a company is creditworthy, is to log-in to bizzy.co.uk with an email address, then type in the name or number of the company being checked. The result is provided instantly. No payment details are required and there’s no extended log-in. All searches are completely confidential.

Other services available from bizzy.co.uk include bizzy PLUS for businesses or organisations that wish to see more detail. Bizzy PLUS is a subscription service, payable monthly for £9.99 or annually at £99.00, that provides details such as credit limits, CCJs (County Court Judgements) and mortgage information.

Many companies signup for subscriptions costing over £500 a year for vast amounts of financial data they never use, says the comopany. Bizzy PLUS provides the most important indicators for all UK companies, at the lowest price,  (for more details see bizzy.co.uk/signup).

As well as free credit ratings, bizzy.co.uk provides other credit information services such as Company Credit Reports, which can be bought individually for just £11.99. This information includes credit rating and credit limit, key events history, up to three years’ company accounts figures, director history and shareholder information and CCJs.

Bizzy.co.uk claims to have 3.5m active UK companies plus over 20m European companies in 16 countries. Detailed credit reports and over 400m filed documents such as Annual Returns, Annual Accounts, Directorship Changes and Company Name Changes are available for instant download.

Companies can display their creditworthiness to potential customers using the bizzy RATE website badge. This is an interactive badge — automatically updated daily — bizzy PLUS customers can put on their web sites to display their verified credit status.