Webtrends helps brands optimise their websites and offers top tips

Webtrends: website analytics

Webtrends: website analytics

Web analytics company Webtrends claims some of the UK’s savviest web brands, including Moneysupermarket, Laterooms.com, Flybe, AllSaints, Urban-Outfitters, The Digital Property Group and Phones4U, have adopted its Optimize tool to improve the performance of their websites and internet marketing campaigns.

Following a brand-scramble to jump on the social media wagon, launching Facebook pages and building Twitter followings, websites have been less of a priority as other consumer channels grow in popularity, Webtrends said.

A number of the UK’s best-known brands are now using Optimize in a battle to engage consumers online and keep them coming back for more.

Nick Sharp, VP and general manager EMEA & Australasia, said: “Many brands have been pouring marketing resource into stand out social media campaigns, and those that have done so in the right way are making big wins in the space. Websites still play an important role in engaging customers and the companies that have chosen to use Optimize realise the ultimate goal should still be driving internet users to their sites. Consumers are increasingly web-savvy and if a website doesn’t meet their expectations, then a competitors’ is only ever a couple of clicks away.”

Webtrends is working with some of Britain’s flagship brands to live test ongoing website development. A process Sharp suggests site owners should not take lightly.

“The kinds of brands we partner with enjoy millions of visits to their sites on a monthly basis so before a company makes radical changes in their quest to optimise, they need to think first about what their customer wants and what they are trying to achieve so they don’t alienate their existing visitors,” he said.

“Whether a site is comparing the best credit card interest rates or offering last minute bookings on hotel rooms, presenting the most relevant information, and doing so intuitively, marks the difference between conversion and abandonment.”

It’s not just UK brands that are benefiting, said Webtrends. It reports customers across more than eight countries including Germany, France, Belgium and Australia are receiving multi-lingual support from Webtrends in tackling their web, mobile and social optimisation challenges.

Webtrends’ top tips for brands looking to Optimize:

  • Don’t jump in too quick – identify what makes your current consumers happy before you change something they like on your website
  • Check out the competition – what makes their website tick the boxes? How can you make this work for your website?
  • What are you trying to achieve? – Think about the end goal and what your website is trying to achieve for the business
  • Test, test and test again – make sure site content is tested against live traffic to see real time results
  • Make it personal – measure consumer engagement with content against key visitor segments and target different groups with personalised content