Weetabix signs up to Red Tractor to reinforce commitment to locally sourced wheat


Weetabix, the nation’s biggest breakfast cereal brand, has signed up to Red Tractor Assurance (RTA) to further reinforce its commitment to sourcing quality, traceable and locally sourced wheat. From this month, the Red Tractor logo will feature on all Weetabix packs, alongside confirmation that Weetabix wheat is grown within 50 miles of its Kettering mills.

n becoming a Red Tractor licensee Weetabix joins more than 650 companies already benefiting from the integrity of the Red Tractor logo, which appears on £12bn worth of food products each year to ensure consumers can trust the food they are eating.

Weetabix sources its wheat for Weetabix biscuits exclusively from two local wheat merchants under its ‘wheat protocol’. This covers a series of commitments to guarantee the quality of the wholegrain wheat and ensure environmental protection, and which fulfil Red Tractor Assurance scheme requirements.

Keith Turnbull, head of quality and compliance from Weetabix, said: “All of the wheat for our famous Weetabix biscuit is grown within 50 miles of our Burton Latimer factory, ensuring the highest food quality and food safety, while contributing to greater sustainability within the industry.

“Joining the Red Tractor scheme underlines our commitment to fair and responsible sourcing of ingredients, working in partnership with farmers to grow wheat to exacting standards, ensuring quality and respecting the surrounding environment.”

RTA marketing manager, Andy Thompson, said: “We are delighted to have such a prominent brand as Weetabix join our scheme. The Red Tractor logo is well recognised by shoppers and, as licensed users can testify, is a clear sign of supply chain integrity. Weetabix is clearly leading the way in investing in higher standards that benefit farmers and consumers, and we are pleased to be a part of that.”