Wettest April on record sees sales and traffic spike at duvet and pillow website


Online retailer, The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, has reported a 48% increase in sales and 61% increase in traffic in April 2012, compared to the same period last year.

The online sales surge comes as Met Office figures confirm last month was the wettest April on record.

With the rain showing no sign of stopping, it’s no surprise people have been thinking about their warm beds and searching for duvets and bed linen to make them warm and happy, said the retailer.

Looking at the website’s organic search data, which accounts for 18% of the searches to the site, traffic in April increased 99.16% over the same period last year, said the company.

Despite spikes normally being seen on the first weekend and Monday of a month following payday, overall website numbers spiked on 17 April 2012 with 10% of the traffic for the month recorded on that day. Organic search spiked on 9 April 2012 following the Bank Holiday weekend wash out, which saw the highest hourly rainfall of the month.

Charlie Hunt, founder and CEO of The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, said: “We often see spikes in our traffic and our sales orders depending on the weather. It’s really interesting to see how the constant rain will make people act.

“Of course, as much as people want warm things when the weather is like this, a rise in temperature can result in increased searches for lower tog duvets and flat sheets. Understanding the customer is key to the success of any business so we’re always analysing and crunching the numbers so that we know as much as possible and react accordingly.”