What are the best deals in online casinos?

If you’ve just started looking at online casinos, you may have noticed that most of them offer some sort of bonus to new players and, if you are asking yourself if they are real, they are. These bonuses may vary in type and have different terms, but you have to be careful as some of the bonuses can be deceptive and if you don’t understand how they work you might be disappointed. In this article, we’re going to explain some of the types of bonuses you might come across and some of the things to watch out for.

Free spin no deposit

The first type of bonus we’re going to speak about is free spin no deposit bonuses since we feel they offer the best overall deal. As the name suggests, free spin no deposit bonuses allow you to get free spins on slot machines in a casino without having to deposit money. If you like playing online slots, this gives you the chance to test the waters. The only thing you have to do is sign up for the casino of your choice and usually add a credit card.

You have to be careful when you see those bonuses, however, since they can sometimes be deceptive. Some of these casinos will only allow you to play a very small selection of games, and these games usually don’t offer the best odds. So, you first have to look at which games you’re going to be able to play, and what kind of return-to-player they offer.

If you don’t know what return to player, or RTP, means, it is the money that is theoretically given back to players on the money they wager. If a casino has a 96% RTP, for instance, this means that players theoretically get £96 on every £100 they spend. Anything around 94% to 96% is considered good. 

These types of bonuses are very common and the best way to try a casino free of charge. If you’d like to try a few no-deposit casinos, check out this list of casinos that offer free spins no deposit bonuses.

Match deposit bonuses

This is the most common type of bonus you’ll come across. With a match deposit bonus, you get a bonus that is the equivalent of your first and many second, third, or even fourth deposits. The percentage that will be returned will vary and will usually be lower with every deposit. 

The biggest thing with these bonuses is that you have to understand wagering requirements. These can vary greatly from casino to casino and could make it almost impossible to see your money, so don’t get overly excited when you see a casino that offers a big bonus.

You have casinos out there that will force you to spend 60 times and sometimes even 80 times your initial deposit plus the bonus before you can withdraw your money. And this is completely legal too. 

So, you have to check what the requirements are before you pick any bonus and avoid anything that requires you to spend more than 40 times your initial amount plus the bonus.

No deposit free money bonuses

You even have casinos that will give players money so they can play at their casino. This might seem like a strange strategy, but that works for casinos as they usually give a tiny sum of money, and they know that a good percentage of the people who sign up using the bonus will eventually become regulars at the casino and spend a lot of money.

These bonuses will rarely be more than £5, but they are still worth it in our opinion. These are great if you want to test drive a particular casino, and unlike match deposit bonuses, you don’t have to spend tons of money before you can make a withdrawal. And, unlike free spin bonuses, you will be able to try all the games a casino has to offer.

These are the deals that you need to learn about when looking at online casinos. They all have their benefits and will help you tell if you’ll enjoy yourself at a casino before you fully invest yourself, so take full advantage of them.