What On Earth defies organic food trend with 50 per cent sales rise in 2011

Organic growth

Organic growth

Organic food supplier What On Earth claims its production and sales rose by almost 50% in 2011.

More than 15 tonnes of organic dips and almost 200,000 pints of organic soup were produced by the manufacturer in 2011 – almost double the amount of products made in 2010.

The London-based company said it bucked trends and forecasts and proceeded to have one of its most successful years in operation, despite continual trade reports on the weakening organic market and the slump in food sales.

Throughout 2011, What On Earth said it generated high revenue and managed to deliver over half a million products to its customers.  

In total, this included seven tonnes of hummus, five tonnes of mezze and more than three tonnes of babaganoush. Chefs also managed to cook in excess of 23,000 buckets of soup and more than 16,000 pizzas and pizza bases – a big increase on 2010.

Jeremy Jaffé, What On Earth’s co-founder and sales director, puts the success down to the fact the company supplies smaller, independent stores rather than the large supermarkets.

“We work with small, high-end suppliers and I think this is why we have managed to buck the trend,” he said. “It has offered some protection against the rising food prices are affecting supermarkets across the country.

“Our customers have very loyal audiences so don’t need to worry about constantly keeping their prices low to attract cash strapped consumers. Our products sell in the stores we supply because they aren’t available cheaper in any supermarkets,” he said.

Award winning What On Earth also acts as a supplier and distributor and has teams working 24 hours to keep up with demand. In 2011 alone the company’s night team, which is made up of six members of staff, delivered almost 180,000 loaves of bread, the company said. 

Jaffé again: “Organic is a choice. We make organic food so consumers have this choice. As long as organic is available people who want it will buy it wherever it is sold. This explains why our sales stayed high last year, despite the slump in the food industry and changing perceptions of the organic market.”

What on Earth was established 13 years ago and has become a leading manufacturer in the organic food industry. The company says it was launched in a bid to put the goodness back in food and change the way society eats.

What On Earth claims it sources the best ingredients from around the world for all its products and strives to reduce any environmental impacts. The company was awarded three trophies in 2011 at the Wandsworth Green Business Awards for its ecological efforts and green working practices.