What on Earth ditches pizza boxes in environmental initiative

What on Earth: ditching boxes

What on Earth: ditching boxes

What On Earth, an award-winning organic food manufacturer, is ditching the boxes on its organic pizzas this summer and and selling them in just the usual clear wrapping.

According to the company, the move has been spurred on by World Environment Day (5 June 2011) and increases its green credentials, cuts kitchen waste, reduces both pallet and freezer space and reduces diesel miles.

The  company is also encouraging other businesses to do the same in a bid to reduce their carbon footprints.

“Stripping the pizzas of their boxes is obviously a risky step for us to take as so many consumers, and even suppliers, judge products on their packaging. This is an environmental drive that is to the benefit of everyone, however, and by selling our pizzas in all their naked glory we are just emphasising the high quality and simplicity of our organic ingredients,” said Jeremy Jaffé, co-founder of What On Earth.

“This is currently a temporary move for the company but if the scantily clad pizzas are a success, there is nothing to say that we won’t continue to sell them in this way. Besides, nakedness sells after all, doesn’t it,” he said.

What On Earth already sells pizzas without boxes and solely in clear packaging through online organic store, Abel & Cole.

“The pizzas sold by Abel & Cole are not in boxes. They are dispatched in clear wrapping but are very popular with consumers. Although these are chilled pizzas, not frozen, this is still obviously very encouraging for us,” Jaffé said.

What on Earth was established 12 years ago when the co-founders made and sold just one organic pizza. Since then, the company has become a leading manufacturer in the organic food industry and produces a wide range of products, including organic pizzas and pasta sauces, organic cakes and coconut milk. All the products are high in vitamins and minerals and are free from GMOs, additives and pesticides.

The company can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @WhatOnEarthFood.