What On Earth introduces QR codes on organic pizza packaging


What on Earth:  to feature QR codes on pizza packaging

What on Earth: to feature QR codes on pizza packaging

Organic food company, What On Earth, is introducing Quick Response (QR) codes to the packaging of its popular organic pizzas.

When scanned, the QR code will take customers to the What On Earth website where they can find out more about the brand and its award winning products.

The introduction of the codes will be timed with the launch of What On Earth’s new website, which is due to go live later next month. According to the company, the new website will be a more modern and user friendly version of the current site. 

“The QR codes are a great way for our customers, both current and prospective, to gather instant information about What On Earth,” said Jeremy Jaffé, What On Earth co-founder and sales director. “If the public don’t know our brand or products they can scan the QR code, visit our website and learn a bit more about us before making a purchase.

“In an age where packaging should be kept to a minimum, QR codes are perfect for providing lots of detail in a tiny amount of space. We have become a lot more active in the social media world over the past few months so trying out the QR codes seems a natural progression in terms of technology,” he said.

What On Earth said the QR codes will be used for a trial period to see how they are received by customers. They will be used on the pizza boxes first but if the trial is successful the QR codes will be used on more products.

“QR codes are a brand new concept for us. We don’t know how many people will use them so this is more of an experiment then anything else. Our pizza boxes already contain fun information about the company but the QR codes will just allow customers to find out that little bit extra,” said Jaffé.