What On Earth launches large organic eggs range and wins Ocado listing


Organic food company, What On Earth, has launched its own range of large organic eggs. The eggs, which are claimed to be sought after because of their strong flavour and generous, vibrant yellow yolks, are class A graded and are already due to be sold on Ocado later this month.

The launch comes after What On Earth used the eggs as an ingredient in its catering and foodservice products. The eggs were so popular with customers the London-based company said it received requests to sell them as a branded retail product.

What On Earth sources the certified organic eggs from Italy. The company will supply them on a retail and foodservice basis.

“Demand for the eggs has been phenomenal, especially as it wasn’t something we were expecting at all.  We weren’t intending to sell the eggs; we were simply using them as an ingredient in our food. But after becoming such a popular product we were keen to brand them at our customers’ requests,” said Jeremy Jaffe, sales director at What On Earth.

“The eggs come from Italy and are of excellent quality, but they are no more expensive than other eggs sold over here. They are a very competitive product. In the UK many small and medium organic eggs are available but there aren’t many large ones. By launching our large eggs to the market we hope they will fulfil demand – we are excited to see how they sell.”

The retail eggs come in boxes of six, which are decorated with What On Earth’s bright, recognisable branding. There are thirty boxes to a case. The catering eggs are available in trays of 30.  There are six trays to a case.