What On Earth records 40% increase in sales of organic pizzas in first quarter


What On Earth reports it has recorded a 40% increase in sales of its organic pizzas during the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same time last year. 

There has also been a rise in repeat orders, the company said.

The award-winning company attributes the spike in sales to a combination of all the recent changes it has made to its pizza range, including:

  • Re-launching the pizzas as chilled products (rather than just frozen)
  • Introducing four new pizzas to the range
  • Improving the flavour and appearance of its existing pizzas
  • Dropping the wholesale price and RRP by 25%

What On Earth’s new pizza kitchen, which was built out of recycled materials and opened last year, has also played its part in the increased sales, the company said. The new space has allowed for increased efficiency and higher productivity.

What On Earth co-owner, Jeremy Jaffé, said: “The increased sales have been a welcome start to the year. It appears that all the changes we have made to our pizza range have really paid off, and it seems there’s a burgeoning market for these products.

“It’s great to know our organic pizzas are still going strong – especially as we first launched the product around 15 years ago.  We have changed with the times and have made many tweaks to the pizzas over the years, and this has allowed us to keep customers interested. Making the pizzas available as a chilled product was a notably positive move that engaged customers and consumers alike.  It has really boosted this year’s sales and has encouraged more outlets to stock our pizzas.”

What On Earth re-launched its pizzas as chilled products at the end of 2012, in response to high demand from retailers. In 2013 the company revamped its organic pizza range by reducing prices, improving the taste and appearance of existing pizzas and introducing new flavours.