White papers released on food safety certification

The Global Food Safety Initiative has released a series of white papers on Enhancing Food Safety Through Third Party Certification.

The Global Food Safety Initiative aims to drive harmonisation and convergence in food safety schemes around the world through a rigorous benchmarking process.

By driving continuous improvement process in the recognised schemes, when they are then applied in the marketplace through a third party certification process, they support the global efforts to advance global food safety and public health.

The documents developed by the GFSI technical working group on regulatory affairs cover the following themes and are available separately or as a series of chapters in one paper Enhancing Food Safety Through Third Party Certification:

–    Overview of GFSI and Accredited Certification

–    What is the GFSI Guidance Document Version 6?

–    Certification and Accreditation Framework

–    Perceived Barriers to the Acceptance of Third Party Certification

Commenting on the release of the documents, GFSI board member and VP corporate food safety and regulatory affairs, Cargill, Mike Robach, said: “This is a much needed and timely piece of work which highlights different aspects of third party certification. It will help every stakeholder in the supply chain to understand and communicate effectively and consistently to build awareness. This output is a great example of how GFSI is serving as a neutral platform where all parties can come together to advance food safety and improve public health collectively.”

The working group aims to develop strategic food safety positions and educational materials in support of GFSI and to use the experience of its members and science to assess key food safety-related regulatory issues, which impact the use of third party certification. The working group is comprises retailers, manufacturers, producers, food service operators, certification bodies and industry association representatives.

All documents are also available on www.mygfsi.com.