Whitepaper outlines latest trends in online customer behaviour


Award-winning digital marketing agency Search Laboratory has launched a new whitepaper detailing how businesses can adapt their online strategy to increase sales.  

With Get to Know Your Customer Day approaching on the 17th October, Search Laboratory looked at developments in the digital marketing industry and harnessed a range of in-house expertise to analyse what customers are doing online.  

Within the whitepaper, Search Laboratory looks at how consumer behaviour differs depending on industry or product to provide insight on how businesses can better cater to their customer demographic. The paper outlines a strategy companies can use to define their own customer journey, using three key steps: personas, touchpoints, and mapping.  

Included within the whitepaper is further information on the impact of technology, discussing some of the most significant technological developments of recent years and how they have changed consumer behaviour. Drawing on smartphones, artificial intelligence, voice search and more, the guide gives businesses of all sizes advice on how to account for changes in technology when developing their online customer journey. 

The downloadable resource gives businesses the tools to better understand their online customers and their journey to making a purchase. It also offers insight into how companies can optimise the online experience for their customers to increase conversions. 

Search Laboratory’s latest whitepaper also looks at: 

·       What businesses need to consider when defining their online customer journey 

·       Visual resources outlining the various touchpoints customers encounter during their journey 

·       How to use data to inform and define an online customer journey. 

Laura Britten, head of marketing at Search Laboratory commented on the project:  Reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time is one of the greatest challenges faced by every marketing team. The first step to achieving this is understanding your customers, and their behaviour. This is particularly crucial online as the importance of a successful website and generating conversions increases.  

“Data-driven attribution modelling allows businesses to accurately identify how much influence each channel, campaign, and marketing activity has on a customer’s decision to convert. Once they understand what drives their customers to make a purchase, they can optimise their marketing to increase conversions.”