Whittard of Chelsea launches Coffee Bags


Great coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. Whittard of Chelsea believe the best things in life are often the simplest. Meet their new coffee bags, easy-to-brew coffees that work just like a teabag, with no sacrifice on quality or taste. Just their finest coffees of the world, made simple. 

The brand gave out 30,000 coffee bags to customers last year as a way of sampling their coffees. The feedback they received was a welcome surprise:

“How can I buy these coffee bags? Coffee in a teabag is so convenient and I’d love some more!”

The brand listened, taking 4 of their customer’s coffee favourites – Whittard House Blend, San Agustin Colombia, Bourbon Espresso and Monsoon Malabar, sourced from Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, Indonesia and India – and crafted individually wrapped coffee bags. The result is a delicious, no-mess beverage that brews right there in your cup. 

All you need to do is add your bag to your mug, pour over freshly boiled water, stir, then give a little squeeze. Three minutes later, give it another squeeze, remove your coffee bag and enjoy! 

Whittard of Chelsea Coffee Buyer, Harvy Woodcock, said of the launch: “We’ve chosen to do coffee bags to satisfy those who want a quick cup without the fuss of brewing in a cafetiere or a V60. Great for taking to work, and when travelling – or for first thing in the morning when you want a brew without the hassle. We have 4 coffee types to choose from, all customer favourites – and even if you are new to our coffee range, these little bags make it easy to find your new favourite!” 

The coffee bags are 100% compostable, with recyclable packaging and envelopes that can be recycled with plastic bags at your local supermarket.