Whittard of Chelsea to launch limited edition Hot Chocolate for Halloween


Fine tea, coffee and hot chocolate specialist Whittard of Chelsea is set to launch a new limited edition hot chocolate flavour as part of its Halloween campaign. The brand is known for its creative twist on tradition, with Raspberry Ripple and Sticky Toffee Pudding being two of its biggest hot chocolate success stories.

Whittard continues to push the boundaries with new cutting-edge releases inspired by the likes of classic desserts and childhood confectionery, layering unexpected flavours with chocolate bases to create a little theatre and continually excite its customers.

Limited Edition Toffee Popcorn Flavour White Hot Chocolate will make its debut in September. The innovative invention has all the rich creaminess of white chocolate combined with the buttery-sweet flavours of fluffy popcorn.

Harvinder Woodcock, Whittard of Chelsea’s senior hot chocolate buyer, said of the launch: “Toffee Popcorn isn’t a flavour you would typically pair with our Luxury White Hot Chocolate, but we’ve found that it’s a winning recipe – perfect for our next big limited edition hot chocolate. Our customers love anything caramel, so the sweet, autumnal Toffee Popcorn flavours and the extra creamy kick from our Luxury White Hot Chocolate makes it an ideal gift or self-treat for Halloween.”