Why it works: Agon Systems’ Concept Tag helps retailers slash shoplifting by at least 50%

By Hannah Holland, marketing manager at Agon Systems

Every year, retailers worldwide are left counting the cost of shoplifting and the entire industry reports losses in excess of $100 billion annually.

But thanks to Agon Systems’ almost indestructible security tag system, retailers are fighting back against an issue that’s historically always had a devastating impact on brands’ bottom lines.

Retailers fight back against shoplifting with new security tag

While retail strategies have evolved at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the spread of digital technology, the approach to preventing in-store theft, particularly the issue of illicit security tag removal, has largely remained unchanged.

Until recently, traditional tags hadn’t been improved for several generations, which resulted in many retailers becoming disillusioned with the value of using security tags while, at the same time, seeing shoplifting levels rise.

However, four years ago, things changed, thanks to award-winning retail security system manufacturer, Agon Systems.

After years of dedicated research and development, the company unveiled its flagship product, the Concept Tag, which has turned the historic way of tackling the growing menace of security tag removal on its head.

Concept Tag: practically impossible to defeat

Unlike traditional security tags, the Concept Tag is unique in that it’s practically impossible to defeat.

The pioneering system has transformed what the retail world once considered the norm for percentage loss. The distinctive locking mechanism and patented detacher are proven to reduce shoplifting by 50% or more compared to traditional security tags. Concept Tag’s unique locking mechanism makes tag removal in store all but impossible. Electronically powered and deliberately manufactured to not be portable, with the ‘Concept Releaser’ thieves aren’t given the chance to remove and copy the technology.

Meanwhile, the latest version of the tag is even stronger than ever and all but eliminates illicit tag removal, via increased protection of the entry holes and updates to the internal workings. This means it can no longer be attacked with screws, drills and handheld devices. These new, next-generation features can also be found in the Concept Tag Mini, which is a small 40mm version of the tag and ideally suited for high value apparel, kids clothing and lingerie.  

For many retailers, the results they’ve seen out on the shop floor since using Concept Tag have been game-changing.

Shop losses have been slashed by 50 to 75%, with one of the earliest adopters, JD Sports, reporting a 66% reduction in loss within its trial stores. On the back of these results, Concept Tag has been rolled out to more than 1,000 JD Sports stores globally.

Momentum for Concept Tag is growing and more-and-more retailers, including River Island, Matalan, John Lewis, Footasylum and All Saints, are all following in JD Sports’ footsteps and introducing Concept Tag to their stores, indeed by 2019 over 35 million Concept Tags have been distributed throughout the UK and overseas. And, just like JD Sports, they’ve all reported equally-impressive results, typically within 12 months. 

One of the more recent users, All Saints, reported a reduction in loss of more than 60%. Meanwhile, River Island also saw a 60% drop in theft, as well as a 27% reduction in fashion accessory theft, which is a clear indicator they’ve achieved the ideal – thieves aren’t visiting their stores anymore!

“When we agreed to trial the Concept Tag I knew it would help reduce our retail losses from theft. However, I didn’t expect it to be as effective as it’s been so far – or so quickly,” said the senior profit protection manager, River Island.

Savings can be estimated via an online calculator, which predicts the impact for chains and independents: https://www.concepttag.com/concept-tag/calculator/

However, the benefits of using Concept Tag extend beyond reducing shoplifting figures. Concept Tag is also enabling retailers to:

  • Increase their sales – due to greater stock availability
  • Create a safer and more customer-friendly store environment – as there’s dramatically less criminal activity 
  • Eradicate health and safety risks caused by illicit tag removal – the pins from defeated tags are no longer being left on the floor or in clothes pockets  

To date, more than 30 million Concept Tags have been distributed globally to help retailers protect their stock, which has led to Agon Systems’ becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies and subsequently featuring in The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track Top 100 league table. In the meantime, demand for the product continues to rise, with M&S and Abercrombie & Fitch due to start their in-store trials early this year.

The tables have turned, and retailers now have a new tool that’s revolutionising the way the entire sector – UK and worldwide – are fighting back against shoplifting. 

If you would like to find out more about becoming the latest in a long line of retailers to make a stand against shoplifting with Concept Tag, contact Agon Systems on 01323 738815 or sales@agon-systems.com