Why it works: American Golf tees up for growth success with digital tools

Booming demand for clean, safe and environmentally-conscious leisure facilities and activities

By Michael Anderson, leisure compliance manager at American Golf 

As we emerge from the pandemic, so to have the new hobbies and interests we discovered. Whether it’s a love for baking banana bread or taking up a new sport, we’ve all now got a desire to do more with our free time than we ever did before. For American Golf and my team, that means a booming demand for clean, safe and environmentally-conscious leisure facilities and activities. 

Due to this shift in consumer habits, we’re continuing to expand our offering to customers across the UK. As Europe’s largest golf retailer, with 95 stores in the UK, we’ve recently expanded into leisure – including golf courses, driving ranges, adventure golf, and even food and beverage. 

A time to transform 

American Golf if providing a standardised, safe and top quality experience for customers

But with this opportunity for growth, American Golf is providing a standardised, safe and top quality experience for customers. We know that now more than ever it’s more important to embrace change and the opportunities it brings to business. 

To tackle this we’ve gone out with the old and in with the new, upping our tech game by digitalising our everyday operational checklists with SafetyCulture’s iAuditor. This has enabled us to level up our efficiency, quality and safety standards across loss prevention, compliance and leisure. 

However, our ambitions don’t just stop with checklists. We also identified a need to utilise technology to engage with our frontline, ditching email announcements for a ‘Heads Up’ video notification sent straight to store devices. As a management team it’s provided us with a quick win to reach out to our facilities and get instant visibility of who has acknowledged our message. This way, we ensure our dispersed workforce have all the information and tools they need to provide an exemplary customer experience, and to ensure they feel part of our team at all times. 

Setting up for success 

Maintaining high standards and compliance in leisure settings

At its core, eliminating once paper-based processes provides the ability to proactively prevent shrinkage and protect our brand standards. But it’s also setting us up for success as we expand into new areas. 

As the Leisure Compliance Manager, having tools such as iAuditor on hand presents the perfect opportunity to cultivate digital processes and ways of working. From food safety records to maintenance logs, the team is able to maintain high standards and compliance – receiving 5-star hygiene ratings. This digital-first approach is without a doubt helping us maintain and attain such high standards for our customers and employees. iAuditor and the detailed record keeping it enables helps us demonstrate how seriously we take safety as a business. 

Proactive and reactive 

In addition to our checklists we are also taking proactive measures. Off the back of store visits, management is now able to assign stores and facilities actions to rectify non-compliances. 

Not only is iAuditor highlighting non-compliance, it’s also shining a light on the stores and facilities that are operating at the top of the game, making it easy for us to recognise and reward stores and employees alike. 

But our digital compliance and loss prevention ambitions don’t just stop here. We are now looking at ways we can leverage IoT technology such as sensors to monitor fridge temperatures and using QR codes to allow customers to raise issues anonymously. 

Undoubtedly, with the help of tools such as iAuditor, American Golf has undergone much more than a simple digital transformation. We’ve set the standard when it comes to proactive and reactive compliance and loss prevention, and can now reap the benefits through reduced inspection times, decreased shrinkage, and improved reputation.