Why it works: turning the tap on success with retail display stands

When you turned on a tap at home this morning, it’s unlikely you will have given any thought to who made it never mind the mechanics that contribute to its functionality.

And, while your interest in those often under-appreciated domestic devices may be stronger if shopping for new bathroom fittings, it’s equally unlikely that you will marvel at the retail display stand containing the taps that have caught your eye.

But the stand developer’s job will have been successfully delivered if:

  • Your attention has been captured
  • You are aware of the brand
  • You are able to engage with and examine the product
  • They all lead to you making a purchase

From bathroom taps to self-playing pianos, the form and functionality of the retail display will have the strongest influence on sales success, even if it is subliminal as far the customer is concerned. 

On the subject of your own bathroom tap at home, there is a very good chance it was made by Bristan as it’s estimated that one in four British homes are fitted with their faucets or showers.

And, if you have recently visited one of 300 independent trade merchants in the UK, you may well have been attracted to one the company’s retail display stands.

These stands are a good example of the scenario described above; featuring taps that are easily removed from the displays for inspection (but only by adult hands!) and with fixing system that are compatible with multiple products.

That’s why it works! You can read more about the Bristan retail display challenge within the insights and case studies of bespoke retail display experts Merit Display.

Effective retail space within Harrods

Merit provide a range of good examples of retail displays that have presented challenges and delivered positive sales opportunities for companies across multiple sectors.

In the case of self-playing pianos, that task was to create an effective retail space within Harrods, the world’s most famous luxury department store. And the solution provided to 1066 Pianos included:

  • Display cases with miniature pianos
  • Customised slots for the presentation of coloured piano keys
  • High-tech tablets and touch screens


To successfully meet customers’ objectives, design and interaction are important elements of the “why it works” formula. But they need to be supported by robust project planning procedures.

Hassle-free fulfilment

One model project required the hassle-free delivery of bespoke retail displays to 1249 dealers of Aqualisa showers.

In this case, Merit delivered a complete fulfilment solution for the prestigious high-tech Q™ EDITION shower product, working through design, manufacturing, assembling, dealer co-ordination, and installation to the dealers.

Another good end-to-end solution example involves a bespoke retail display stand solution for Klober, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof ventilation products and roofing accessories.

The challenges presented by the project included:

  • Devising a design to encourage customer engagement
  • Ensuring the attractive elements of the roofing products were highlighted
  • Doing both within a 1m x 1m space

Speaking about the solution provided, Klober’s marketing manager Andrew Cross commented: “The design of the units makes it possible to demonstrate in a ‘hands on’ way the universality of our products, how they work, and how they are installed.”

Each of the displays also required to be assembled before being placed in the appropriate position without disruption within 50 merchants across the UK.

Supporting retail with a local focus

Sometimes a more local focus is required to make a retail display stand as effective as possible. Recently, Merit created a bespoke retail display with a football theme for Joie.

Merit director Ronnie Mitchell said: “The stands are being used to present a special range of pushchairs and car seats as part of Joie’s partnership with Liverpool FC, with a portion of all proceeds going to the Liverpool Foundation charity.

“The stands can be found in five Mothercare stores in the Liverpool area but, of course, wouldn’t be so successful in other parts of the country!”

Whether it’s turning the right taps or scoring commercial goals, there are a number of factors that influence how and why retail displays work. However, as proven by the Merit Display examples, the combination of strategy, design, development, and robust fulfilment, can deliver great success.

Merit Display – https://www.merit-display.com

(A Retail Times’ sponsored article)