Why it works: Unique Secure suggests five ways for retailers to look differently at their POS


David Rimer, CEO, Unique Secure, a market leader in security solutions for tablet POS, mobile POS and payment entry devices, has five top POS tips for retail success

Rimer: compelling POS tips for sales success

Rimer: compelling POS tips for sales success

Have you ever wondered why POS systems tend to look like ugly black boxes? Or why your POS system doesn’t reflect the look and feel of your store? It’s quite startling that, in the age of design led innovation, POS systems still look dull and are often hidden away behind a counter.

Having spotted this gap in the market to revolutionise this space, I’ve spent the last couple of years assessing the POS market, talking to large and small retailers about their issues with current systems and listening to their views on Unique Secure’s concepts and prototype products. I’ve worked closely with our head of innovation (whose previous roles included group R&D leader at Dyson and head of industrial design at Gillette) to create a product which I believe will transform the industry – a POS which suits individual retailers’ requirements, a POS which almost asks the retailer, “how would you like me to be?” and then morphs into this, giving retailers the choice to operate and act differently.

Unique Secured launched our MePOS product this summer. These are the areas we considered when planning to empower retailers with a totally new POS concept.

1. Flexibility: looking stylish wherever It Is set up

We began our POS facelift by creating a product which looked more interesting on a counter. Why did it have to be black? Why can’t it look more stylish? We then realised that not all shop assistants wanted to be based behind a counter – as this creates a barrier between them and the customer. We realised that flexibility was key and designed a product to allow the retailer to set up their POS as they wanted it, to suit their type of working whether they wanted to stay behind a counter, position it in the middle of a retail space or have a kiosk style set up. We designed a product with five different set up positions and the ability to switch easily between traditional, kiosk or mPOS mode.

2. Modularisation: giving power to the retailers

Our next priority was to provide retailers with complete freedom to select whichever tablet or Pin Entry Device (PED) they want in order to future proof their investment in our MePOS solution.

Our MePOS consists of six key elements (tablet, PED, printer, brain (diagnostic system), scanner and cash drawer) which are all fully integrated, with only one plug to run all devices. The product has been designed so that retailers have the option of a tablet or PED of their choice. They can also begin by using the MePOS in one particular mode, such as the tablet with PED, and then upgrade to the full solution as part of their longer term strategy.

3. Personalisation: getting your messages across

I’ve always been a big believer in customisation and a huge part of our plan to ‘revolutionise the counter space’ revolved around this aspect of the product. Retailers have been wowed by the fact that they can select the exact look of their POS. We’ve created a clip on wrap for as little as £40 per skin – similar to a mobile phone case – which can be clipped on to our POS and branded with an organisation’s logo or key messages.

Many retailers we have spoken to are interested in several changes a year – with themed messages for Christmas, opportunities to promote special offers or new product ranges. They are excited about a POS system which can be matched to their store’s colour scheme or reflect their latest ad campaign.

4. Less down time: more time to focus on sales

Our MePOS is unlike any tablet-based system. One of the most innovative features of the MePOS is its intelligent diagnostic system which we call the ‘brain’. This not only runs across all devices (printer, scanner, tablet, PED) but also performs set-up diagnostics every time it is switched on – in a similar way that your car does when the ignition is turned on. The ‘brain’ continually checks all devices are working as intended. In the unlikely event of a problem, the user is notified and also given guidance on simple ways to solve the issue. This saves the retailer a significant amount of time and money on support calls and maintenance – and keeps the POS up and minimises the amount of down time.

5. The future – creating more opportunities to sell

The MePOS enables you to maximise the opportunities which will inevitably arise as the retail landscape evolves. For example, if you are an online organisation, you could set up a spot concession in any store and show products to customers on the tablet.

You won’t need space for stock – simply let customers see products on your tablet or have a couple of demo products available – take their order and payment using the tablet and PED, print their receipt and let them know their delivery details. It’s a much more cost-effective way of selling than investing in bricks and mortar.

The MePOS opens up a world of opportunities to retailers, giving them the option to do things differently – with style and flexibility – using their POS in a more effective way than ever before.

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