Wickes leaders featured in Diversity in Retail’s Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index 2022

Wickes, the UK’s home improvement retailer, is pleased to announce that four of its leaders have been recognised in the Diversity in Retail’s Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index 2022. Produced in partnership with The MBS Group, the Index shines the light on a group of inspirational people who have been independently identified as having made significant impact to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace within retail.

The four Wickes leaders included in the Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index 2022 are:

Chloe Howe, head of trading & implementation. Having worked at Wickes for over 15 years, Howe has been a crucial member of the Wickes Balance for Better network, which strives to create gender equality within the workplace.

Ben Jackson, head of store operations. As the founding member of Wickes’ LGBTQ+ Network, Jackson has been responsible for making huge steps in the business for LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusion. Having spent just under 20 years at Wickes, Ben has been a real pioneer for change and improvement within the business.

Fraser Longden, chief operating officer, sees upping the progress of diversity and inclusion at Wickes’ as one of the most important aspects of his job, and dedicates a great deal of his role into driving this. Longden is executive sponsor of the RAACE (Raising Awareness and Action on Culture and Ethnicity) and the ‘Let’s do it with Pride’ networks.

David Wood, CEO, strongly believes that creating an inclusive workforce and a diverse senior team is one of the most important steps for success for any business, and has promoted the growth of Wickes’ six key D&I networks during his time as CEO. He is executive sponsor of the ‘Ability’ network, which seeks to make Wickes a place that champions every colleague’s own ability to reach their full potential.

Commenting on their inclusion in the Index, Wood said “At Wickes, we strive to build a place where anyone can feel at home and we greatly value our colleagues’ unique contributions and welcome their diverse ways of thinking. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chloe, Ben and Fraser for the amazing work they do across our I&D networks to push for diversity, inclusion and equality within our business.”