Window display expert offers 10 top tips to maximise sales

Baumard: stand out from the crowd

Baumard: stand out from the crowd

Emmanuel Baumard, creative director at Purlees, a leading UK supplier of display stickers and window graphics to high street chains and independent retailers, shares his top tips for creating windows which will maximise sales

1. Windows to the world

As a retailer your display windows are quite literally your windows to the world.  They are the face you present to passersby, the first impression you make with potential customers; and the easiest way to draw attention away from your competitors, or convey and important message like a forthcoming sale. Many retailers overlook the potential of their display windows to grab the attention of future customers; don’t forget you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Think of your windows as three-dimensional billboards.

2. Be clear who you are

Whilst you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can tell a lot about a store by it’s window displays. The most sensible route is to clearly portray the goods you are selling, presenting an attractive display of hero products customers will simply have to buy. However, it is possible to convey the type of store you are through more abstract displays, conveying concepts rather than literal products. Be creative, but stay focused on your store: don’t let your window displays outshine what’s inside.

3. Spend money wisely

Until recently window graphics were the preserve of large high street retailers, due to the associated costs of creating and producing the designs. At Purlees the work is already done for you. All you have to do is pick a design from our seasonal range, then choose a size, colour and material, which keeps costs low so you can spend your money where you really need it.

4. Change is good

To maintain attention, refresh windows as regularly as is feasible. Reflect current trends and seasonal changes. Purlees’ stickers can be produced in glue-less self-cling material which makes the installation easy and the stickers reusable.  Moreover, there’s no sticky residue, which means no cleaning after use and changing the graphics is easy.

5. Bright and beautiful

Create dynamic, bold displays using colour and appropriate designs. Highlight summer collections with cheery graphics, such as Purlees’ butterfly and floral designs, evoking feelings of holidays or idyllic sunny months at home to lure customers inside. Christmas is fast approaching and Purlees’ range of wreaths, snowflakes, baubles and banners – in both contemporary and vintage styles – will ensure your customers are clear on what you’re offering. Think of your theme and stay focused on it.

6. Stand out from the crowd

It is important to make your shop stand out from the rest of the high street, especially in this difficult economic situation. Purlees’ stickers can help attract all the important passing trade without breaking the bank. 

7. Easy access

Whatever is presented in your windows should be clearly displayed in store to ease purchase. There is little more frustrating for a customer than not being able to find what they want to buy.

8. Continuity

“Continue your window themes into store through POS, shelf ends and display boards.  As well as window displays, Purlees can also supply surface graphics that can adhere to any smooth surface with minimal effort in both application and removal.”

9. Different view

Utilise the entire space of your windows to ensure your display looks good up close and from across the street. Stack products at varying heights and depths to add interest, and do consider composition. Odd numbers of products work best, and I like to see the focus of a window slightly off centre.

10. Look professional

A4 print outs of important messages, such as a sale, Sellotaped to your window is a massive no-no. They look tacky and will give your store the wrong impression.  Order slick, professional-looking decals (decorative stickers), which get your message across and are worthy of the products you are selling. Buying graphics for a day or a week only – for example ‘50% off today only’ – might not seem value for money at first but are worth the investment.  Purlees’ custom text stickers are excellent value.