Women like to shop on high street fortnightly and preferably alone, research finds…while men favour shopping online and will rarely try clothes on before they buy

Men and women have different shopping habits

Men and women have different shopping habits

The perfect shopping trip involves a four hour trawl around stores, one cup of posh coffee and a cake – and a modest £117.32 dent in the bank balance, it has been revealed.

Researchers, who polled 2,000 women who are regular shoppers, also found the ideal expedition to the local shopping centre would include a 25 minute journey leading to the purchase of seven items.

Finding something you’ve wanted for ages in a sale and discovering you can comfortably fit into a garment one size smaller than you usually wear are also essential.

Vouchers and gift cards to spend to the tune of £60 and not having to queue for longer than six minutes also make a shopping trip idyllic for women.

The study shows women like to shop on the high street fortnightly, preferably alone rather than in the company of friends.

A spokesman for Gift Card & Voucher Week, which commissioned the research, said: ”The simple fact of the matter is that women absolutely love shopping, and so are happy to traipse around high street stores and shopping centres at least once every two weeks.

”But a successful shopping trip isn’t just about browsing for hours on end, it’s about getting to spend a decent amount of money, going back home armed with several shopping bags and a new wardrobe of clothes.

”And eight out of 10 women said they would rather receive a gift card or vouchers than someone choosing a gift for them – this would make things absolutely perfect.

”The absolutely idyllic trip is one which is full of surprises – bargains, sales, clothes which fit first time, shorter queues, helpful shop assistants and stacks of money to spend.”

Researchers found the average woman is quite happy to browse her way around seven different shops, revisiting at least two to make up her mind.

Favourite shops are clothing, shoes and beauty, and although girls like to shop alone they’ll phone or text at least two friends to discuss their purchases.

In contrast, the survey found the average man only embarks on three shopping trips across the entire year.

Rather than visiting the shops frequently, men prefer shopping online, and as such are only prepared to go every four months.

But when they do go, they’d rather go in the company of their other half than on their own but only want to hit the shops for a maximum of one hour and 45 minutes.

On each occasion they’ll spend around £200 on goods, and rarely bother trying anything on before they buy.

Favourite shops are any which sell electrical or technical products, or gadgets.

A fifth of men are happier if they can stop to check the football scores, while others just need a few minutes to recover from the experience with a pint or coffee.

But both men and women agree that a shopping trip is far from perfect unless they can stop in the pub afterwards for at least three drinks.

Interestingly, women will spend a whopping £3,050.32 on high street shopping trips across the course of one year, compared to spends of just £611.43 for men.

The spokeswoman for Gift Card & Voucher Week, said: ”Men really are a different breed of creature to women.

”When it comes to shopping, it’s a needs must affair. It is not an event in the calendar which men look forward to, or indeed want to do.

”This is why the shopping trip is shorter, and to the point. There is no messing around with trying clothes on, revisiting shops or browsing.

”Men tend to walk into a shop, choose what they want, buy it, and leave.”

Average shopping trip for women:

  • Shop for four hours
  • One coffee/ lunch break mid shopping trip
  • Browse seven clothes shops
  • Try on all clothing before buying
  • Revisit at least two shops
  • Buy a minimum of seven items
  • Preferred shops are clothes, shoes, health and beauty
  • Spend £117.35
  • Gift cards and vouchers worth £60 to spend
  • Talk/discuss purchases with at least three shopping assistants
  • Shop alone
  • Phone/text two friends while shopping
  • Embark on a 25 minute journey to the shops
  • Happy to queue for six minutes
  • Expect to carry at least four bags home
  • Love the first thing you try on
  • Something you want for ages is in the sale
  • You are a dress size smaller than you thought you were
  • 26% end the trip with a visit to the pub for three drinks
  • Prefers high street shopping
  • Go on two shopping trips a month

Average shopping trip for men:

  • Shop for one hour and 45 minutes
  • One break mid shopping trip for a pint or coffee
  • Buy clothes without trying anything on
  • Browse three clothes shops
  • Buy a maximum of 6 items
  • Preferred shops are electrical/technical, and gadget stores
  • Spend £203.81
  • Gift cards and vouchers worth £52 to spend
  • Talk/discuss purchases with at least three shopping assistants
  • Phone/text two friends while shopping
  • Prefer to shop with a partner
  • Prepared to travel for 25 minutes to the shops
  • Happy to queue for six minutes
  • Expect to carry at least four bags home
  • A third of men end the trip with a visit to the pub for three drinks
  • A fifth like to have time to stop and check the football scores
  • Prefers online shopping
  • Go on three shopping trips a year