World cuisine restaurant chain, Rice Flamebar & Grill, lists LuLin Teas

LuLin Teas Oriental Beauty Blooming tea

LuLin Teas Oriental Beauty Blooming tea

World cuisine restaurant chain, Rice Flamebar & Grill (RFG), has chosen LuLin Teas for four of its outlets.

LPV International, the company behind the LuLin brand, is supplying its Blooming tea range for two of RFG’s Manchester outlets – Oxford Road and the Trafford Centre; and its Sheffield Meadowhall and Newcastle Metro Centre restaurants; along with a selection of tea ware.

The LuLin Blooming range consists of Seven Fairies, containing Jasmine and Marigold; Oriental Beauty with Jasmine, Marigold and Globe Aamaranth; and Butterfly Dance, which contains Jasmine, Lilly and Marigold.

Marge Santos of RFG said: “LuLin was chosen ahead of other brands because of the strong flavour of the teas and LPV’s commitment to quality and customer service.

“The flowering teas are proving popular at all four sites. Aside from its unique flower bloom, the taste is really good and refreshing.”

RFG, which opened its first restaurant in 2005, promotes authentic rice and rice-noodle based dishes from around the world. All of the restaurants have open plan kitchens and use only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Hans Verhoosel, director, LPV, said: “We are delighted to be supplying RFG with our teas and are confident that they will compliment the dishes on the menus. It’s great to hear they are being well received by customers.”

LuLin’s Blooming tea forms part of six tea collections introduced late last year with others in the range being Scented, Puerh, Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong.

LPV has also added Black Long Jing, Black Oolong, and Yellow Tips ‘single estate’ teas to its loose tea range alongside the 40 plus varieties it sells already.

Last September saw the company launch its revolutionary LuLin Tea Cubed range, as the six-sided bags are capable of holding the premium, whole-leaf tea in which it specialises.

The Tea Cubed range contains eight varieties, which are hand-picked, chemical free and come in bags that retain their shape during brewing.

All teas can be ordered on 01904 898688. Further information is available on the company’s website Next working day delivery to most parts of Britain is promised for orders placed before 1pm.