Worldpay predicts biggest Amazon Prime Day ever

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, and Worldpay is predicting the biggest day ever for online sales and membership growth, as Prime members access exclusive deals and discounts. From automatic egg poachers to ‘Alexa’-enabled devices, online consumers will be jumping at the chance to grab a bargain in the 36 hour window.

Maria Prados, VP vertical growth, global retail at Worldpay said: “where Prime Day differs from other major shopping events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is its focus on incremental growth. Amazon did not create Prime Day to spur short-term sales – the event was designed for its Prime subscriber base, which accounts for Amazon’s most frequent and valuable customers.

Prime is the jewel in Amazon’s crown, with subscribers surpassing 100 million people globally earlier this year.* But while free one-day delivery was the original lure, the internet giant has increasingly focused on creating a whole package of perks for Prime customers, including video and streaming services.

Amazon is betting big on video-on-demand, continuing to invest in original content and more recently acquiring the broadcast rights to major sporting events, including the ATP tennis, and the UK Premier League. We are therefore expecting this year to be the biggest Prime day ever, not just in terms of sales on the day, but also for membership growth. Netflix may still be the dominant player in the UK, but as Amazon broadens the appeal of its subscription service to shoppers and streamers alike, it will continue to cement its position as the ultimate one-stop-shop for online services.”