WUKA wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise for sustainable development

WUKA, the UK’s leading period wear brand, has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for sustainable development.

Now in its 56th year, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the country, and WUKA is one of 226 organisations nationally to be recognised.

Founded in 2017 by husband-and-wife team, Ruby Raut and Dave Slocombe, WUKA is the UK’s leading period wear brand and was the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof reusable period underwear that completely replaces the need for pads and tampons.

WUKA recently launched a full investigation into the carbon footprint of menstrual products. The report (which can be downloaded here), found that a year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions; the same as charging a mobile phone more than 1000 times.

Switching to reusable period pants will reduce your carbon footprint by six times compared to pads and four times compared to tampons. To date, WUKA customers have prevented an estimated 3,500 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 60,000 trees. And then there’s the plastic waste; just one pair of WUKA period pants can save 200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables from going to landfill or polluting our oceans.

Ruby Raut, co-founder of WUKA, says: “If 15 million women and individuals who menstruate in the UK switched to WUKA Period Pants, we could reduce carbon emissions by 4.2 million tonnes. That’s equal to more than 2.5 million return economy class flights from London to New York.

“Our mission is fourfold: To empower the menstruating population; improve access to quality, comfortable, sustainable period products; eliminate period poverty; and remove period shame and stigma. Receiving this prestigious award is testament to the hard work of our team who strive, on a daily basis, to make our core belief – that nothing should hold women back when on their period – a reality for all menstruating people in the UK.

“WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass, and going forward that’s exactly what we intend to continue doing.”

Continually innovating to provide the best possible period products to improve the menstrual experience for all, WUKA products are mindfully created, using the highest quality planet-friendly fabrics, to be both great for the body and good for the environment. From the Better Cotton Initiative, Organic Certified, to Vegan, PETA approved and certified Carbon Neutral+, WUKA underwear is all accredited and designed with the future in mind.