xSellco launches eDesk, the high-performance helpdesk, to give online sellers full visibility across marketplaces


xSellco, the leading e-commerce platform provider, today announced the launch of eDesk, the high-performance helpdesk that integrates with all major eCommerce marketplaces, shopping carts and social channels, to help sellers grow their online business and scale their customer support strategy.

With e-commerce revenue expected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2020, the ability to effectively scale customer support will only grow more vital.

eDesk integrates across marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and shopfronts like BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify, and provides the seller with information about current and past transactions – allowing them to respond to queries as quickly as possible. In 2018 alone, over $5 billion worth of online sales will be processed through the xSellco platform.

“We believe that this launch will change the e-commerce landscape ”, said Ray Nolan CEO, xSellco. “Whereas traditional helpdesks are fixated solely on customer support, eDesk is focused on rapidly resolving transactional queries, allowing sellers to get back to selling.

“As we approach key trading events such as Black Friday and Christmas, sellers are starting to look at ways to get ahead of the competition and one of the key ways they can do this is through effective customer support. With Black Friday spending increasing year-on-year, eDesk lets retailers focus on selling, whilst we take care of the back office. Considering that 7% of our customers’ total sales happen on Black Friday, the high-performance helpdesk we provide during peak season is vital.”

Combining multi-channel and marketplace integrations with smart features, eDesk ensures that customer, product, order and shipping details are matched with incoming queries. Less about simply managing tickets, than solving them quickly,  features include:

  1. Intelligent routing – Unlimited customizable rules make it easy to assign incoming tickets to the best agents suited to solve each query.
  2. Shipment tracking – Full integration with marketplaces allows order details and live shipping information to be matched with incoming communications quicker and more efficiently.
  3. AI Responses and templates – eDesk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest the most efficient and optimizedresponse, allowing one-click solutions to customer queries.
  4. Replica invoicing –  eDesk automatically generates invoices on request allowing users to respond to queries in seconds.
  5. Proactive feedback requests – Fully integrated feedback solutions to improve seller feedback and product reviews.

“eDesk is about empowering sellers with the tools they need to solve problems quickly and get back to selling. The results: lower costs, better support, more sales and more growth. Retailers are finally able to act instantly, with all relevant customer information in a single view, saving time and driving meaningful results,” concludes Nolan.