YAAR chilled quark bars launch on Ocado


YAAR, the award-winning British brand behind the UK’s first range of chilled quark bars, has secured a new national listing with Ocado, just four months since its launch into Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods Market.

Crowned recent winners of the ‘Best New Brand’ at the World Dairy Innovation Awards (June 2019) and taking the dairy snack market by storm, YAAR’s new listing is part of the brand’s mission to bring the delicious goodness of dairy to everyday handheld snacking and make it available to more consumers than ever before. YAAR’s innovative quark bars require absolutely no spooning and all three editions in the range (Cloudberry, Vanilla and Toffee) are available on Ocado for RRP £1.49 per bar.

With the global dairy snack market forecast to grow over the next five years and more consumers looking for permissible indulgence, YAAR is leading innovation in the category and tapping into demand for delicious dairy snacks that can be consumed on-the-go. Each bar is made of high quality quark and coated in either a Belgian milk chocolate, caramel or toffee glaze. The smooth centre has a thick and creamy taste like yoghurt and the texture of a cheesecake.

FFounder of YAAR bar, says: “YAAR has pioneered a new category of handheld dairy snack bars. The new listing on Ocado will make our product available to more consumers than ever before and will allow the brand to meet demand for spoon-free dairy.

“YAAR bars combine the inherent goodness of quark, which is high in protein and low in lactose and sugar, with a delightful taste to deliver permissible indulgence and a completely new way of enjoying the benefits of dairy on-the-go. They are an ideal snacking alternative to indulgent yoghurts, chocolate, cakes and biscuits.”

YAAR is backed by Aser, an investment company in sports, lifestyle and entertainment, which includes Leeds United and Eleven Sports in its diverse portfolio. Its quark bars are less than 140 calories, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and have no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

YAAR is available now on Ocado in Vanilla, Cloudberry and Toffee, RRP £1.49 per bar.