Yandex unifies restaurant and grocery delivery, taxi, courier and other services in Yandex Go app


Today Yandex is launching Yandex Go, Europe’s first superapp to combine all key aspects of on-demand transportation and delivery. While superapps, such as Grab, Rappi and Go-jek, may be common in Asia and South America, they are new to Western Europe and the United States.

Yandex, a NASDAQ-listed tech company working in 17 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, has created the superapp with the aim to offer a seamless user experience that helps city dwellers simplify their life.

Go will replace the Yandex.Taxi app and add on Yandex’s car-sharing service Yandex.Drive. The new app will also integrate schedules and routes of above-ground transport that were previously available in the Yandex.Transport app. The first steps toward making the new superapp were made in March of this year when the Yandex.Taxi app incorporated Yandex.Eats food delivery service and Yandex.Lavka express convenience store delivery business

Yandex Go will allow users to hop in a taxi to quickly move around the city, use car-sharing and make trips with a personal driver or take advantage of routes and schedules of above-ground transportation. It also offers quick delivery of restaurant meals and groceries, as well as delivery of packages and cargo.

Yandex’s taxis arrive in under five minutes, package or documents delivery takes 20 minutes on average, groceries get delivered within 15 minutes and restaurant and cafe meals within 30.

Yandex Go has grown out of the Yandex.Taxi app, the on-demand ride-hailing service which has been profitable since 2018. Yandex’s technology and ecosystem of different platforms has allowed the company to wrap multiple services into one.

Yandex Go will be available in Russia and with limited functionality in some European and Central Asian countries starting today. It will be available in Google Play and in the Appstore.