Yeo Valley puts ‘organic’ back on packs and commits to ‘Put Nature First’

Britain’s largest organic brand, Yeo Valley, has unveiled ‘Put Nature First’ – a bold new rallying cry showcasing its commitment to nature and placing organic once again centre stage on its full range of dairy products. 

Over the past 18-months, the brand has reviewed market trends and researched all key elements of its position. In line with the continued and growing consumer interest in sustainable and ethically produced products, Yeo Valley has evolved a modern position that showcases the benefits of organic dairy farming and sustainability initiatives complete with their positive impact on the natural environment.

The word ‘Organic’ will be reintroduced on the Yeo Valley logo in place of the words ‘Family Farm’ in the iconic heart. In addition, all products will feature a black board on the side of pack that signposts snappy consumer messages about how the brand puts nature first and how consumers can, too. These messages will include the importance of soil health and reducing food miles.

All brand activations will now be aligned to the “Put Nature First” rallying cry. It will come to life across all key consumer touchpoints and brand channels, from packaging to on-pack promotions; in-store activation to TV (the brand’s first since the famous rapping farmer adverts in 2010); digital, social and influencers; and also the popular Yeo Valley loyalty scheme, Yeokens.

There is a strong focus on sustainable packaging solutions with the yogurt range moving to 100 % recycled and recyclable packaging (where possible), and milk moving to lighter weight bottles made of 50% rPET. 

A new interactive QR code will feature on all packaging (currently on Yeo Valley Organic milk range). Consumers will be able to scan the code to watch a new powerful short film that talks about ‘PutNatureFirst,’ as well as viewing additional information around ongoing nature-led initiatives, to help drive deeper engagement with the campaign. 

Tim Mead, the owner of the family dairy business in Somerset, says: “As organic dairy farmers, we have a vital role to play in better communicating how we produce our products in a way that supports nature and works with it, not against it. This is crucial to reach my personal target to grow the organic segment of the Dairy market in the UK to 10%. We’re aiming to champion organic dairy farming and encourage more people to buy organic products as a simple way that they can Put Nature First.

“We know we’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best for nature, and the rollout of ‘Put Nature First’ in Organic September is even more significant as the UK re-evaluates its relationship with the natural environment and food production in the wake of the pandemic.  

“We have an opportunity now to build on this drive by increasing awareness of the benefits of organic and the importance of supporting British organic food production; from fewer food miles and a lower carbon footprint to supporting the local economy with thousands of jobs. 

“Collectively we’ll make the biggest difference. To the shopper choosing organic little and often and the brands making sustainably and ethically sourced products, let’s all put nature first to help slow down climate change.” 

Twenty five per cent of the 2,000 acres at Yeo Valley is dedicated to wildlife, with hedges to provide natural habitats, extra wild field margins for small animals and wildflower meadows for bees and insects. 

Mead added: “We’ll be raising awareness of the benefits that organic and regenerative farming practices bring not only to nature, but also to wildlife and the world, helping to mitigate some of the damage food production and other practices have caused in the past. 

“First and foremost, we are guardians of the soil and we have a big job to do in explaining to people how important the earth under our feet is. It is a precious resource, which if we farm organically, will feed generations to come. Soil health can affect the whole balance of nature.” 

To further drive engagement with ‘Put Nature First’ and encourage more people to do their bit by the environment, Yeo Valley will be looking to further collaborate with partners across grocery and beyond. Collaborations will be designed to help drive awareness of organic farming benefits and initiatives designed to help drive sustainable solutions.

The launch follows a series of recent innovations and partnerships at Yeo Valley that are clear examples of how the brand is putting nature first. These include the launch of its new Super Thick Kerned Yogurt featuring its first pot made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. For people at home looking to do their bit, features on biodiversity and how-to guides are live on the Yeo Valley website now. 

Shoppers will see the new Yeo Valley Organic packaging and interactive content on part of its range in store now. The bigger ‘Put Nature First’ brand activation will go live on September 1 and run throughout the whole of Organic September and beyond.