Yoosli launches organic range of muesli clusters with Waitrose

New muesli range, Yoosli

New muesli range, Yoosli

Set to launch nationwide with Waitrose on 12 May 2014, Yoosli introduces three high-fibre muesli cluster flavour combinations: fruity Strawberry & Oat Clusters, indulgent Chocolate & Berry Clusters, and nutty Apple, Cinnamon & Hazelnut Clusters.

Each box of Yoosli is claimed to be bursting at the seams with 100% organic top notch ingredients, such as freeze-dried whole berries, honey, oat and spelt flakes, coconut, and dried apple pieces. Yoosli muesli clusters are best enjoyed with lashings of cold milk or yogurt, or even fruit juice if you want to be deliciously different, the company says.

The brainchild of former banker, Markus Niemeier, Yoosli is said to be ideal for individuals and families alike and can be enjoyed for breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up at work or in front of the telly as a tasty treat.

Niemeier said: “I am delighted to work with Waitrose on the national retail launch of Yoosli.

“Our products appeal to people who care about what they eat and our cereals are lower in calories and salt than most existing Supermarket brands, bursting with whole quality ingredients.”

The Yoosli website is brought to life by four fun animated characters; Louis, Cassie, Flora, Neville and Bob – each of whom represents a different personality and muesli flavour.

RRP £3.99 for 500g box, available at Waitrose nationwide from 12 May 2014.