Yorkshire Tea named most popular tea brand


Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips have been named as the nation’s favourite tea brands with over a quarter of the population declaring their love for each.

With tea consumption seeing a 65% increase during the past year, Tea and Coffee have pieced together a study to find out how preferences of the Nation’s drink have changed.

Yorkshire Tea has received over a quarter of the votes to be named as the nation’s favourite tea brand. 26.2% of Brits agree that Yorkshire Tea is the best tea brand in the UK.

PG Tips ranked as the UK’s second favourite tea brand – a very close second too – with 26.1% of Brits going for PG Tips. Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips were clear of the pack with Tetley ranking in third with just 13.2% of the votes.

We can see that there is one tea brand breaking some serious reputation boundaries north of the border. 40% of Scotland’s tea drinkers are drinking Tetley which is the biggest majority around the UK. The English opt for Yorkshire Tea along with the Welsh, and the Northern Irish opt for PG Tips.

There is also a north south divide with Yorkshire Tea dominating the North and PG Tips dominating the south. It seems as if the north are frugal shoppers with their tea expenditure being 32% cheaper than the PG Tips drinkers in the south.

Elsewhere, we can see that Yorkshire tea drinkers are supporting their local brands with 50% of the population buying Yorkshire Tea. Tetley – also Yorkshire based – ranks in second for the county’s most popular tea with 15% of the votes. In London, we can also see that Yorkshire Tea is crowned the most popular tea brand with 31% of the votes.

Elsewhere in the study


Tea and Coffee have also analysed how Brits are making their cups of tea which  reveals that there is still debate on how to brew a proper cuppa: 30% of Brits disagree that the tea bag goes first, followed by boiling water and lastly the milk.

So, who adds the milk first? The research found out that over 76% of people that add the milk first are men. Not only that, men are also more likely to boil water in the microwave rather than in a kettle. Millennials are also committing brewing sins with half of the generation adding the tea bag last, after milk and sugar and water – WHAT!


The study also shows that vegan milk is becoming more popular amongst tea drinkers, 20% now refrain from having cow’s milk in their tea. Of those having tea with non-dairy milk:

  • 44% prefer oat milk
  • 21% opt for almond
  • 20% hemp milk
  • 15% go for coconut milk

The study also shows that the UK is divided by its non-dairy milk choices. Scottish prefer hemp milk, English go with Oat and Northern Irish and Welsh go nutty for coconut.

Hemp milk triumphs amongst the pensioners. Coconut flavour is favoured by those between 45 and 64 years old, and younger generations prefer the trendy almond and oat milk with their tea.