YouCam Makeup expands into men’s grooming with AI and AR virtual beard style try-on

Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, and developer of the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, expands it’s in-app offerings with the introduction of AI and AR-powered virtual try-on for beard styles. The new expansion within the men’s grooming category features true-to-life facial hair styles for selfie photos, including popular facial hair styles like goatee, circle beard, anchor beard, mustache, mutton chops and more, for users to try-on virtually with a tap of their smart device. The virtual beard style try-on experience is available to users in the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, and marks the extension of men’s grooming virtual try-on effects in-app.

A virtual beard try-on

The advanced virtual try-on solution uses a combination of smart technologies that help users visualize different beard styles on their faces with incredible accuracy. The powerful blend of technologies at play includes:

·       Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology to remove facial hair and add the beard styles to the user’s original photo

·       AI technology to power the rendering of a virtual beard to fit the individual’s face shape

·       AR technology to power the digital try-on on the image for a simulated beard try-on effect

Users can instantly discover a collection of virtual beard styles through true-to-life try-on in the YouCam Makeup app. 

Finding the perfect beard style with the new men’s grooming experience – experimenting without risk

The interactive virtual beard style try-on features 15 different facial hair styles that can be tried-on in selfie photo mode, allowing app users to experiment with beard styles in a whole new way.  Advanced feature tools, including the convenient beard eraser tool, allows users to adjust and customize their beard to better fit their personal style. Similarly, the compare feature tool gives users a chance to compare their before and after facial hair styles, with side-by-side comparison.

“We are excited to continue expanding our in-app virtual try-on effects across the men’s grooming category, and offer YouCam Makeup app users a fun, interactive, true-to-life try-on for experiencing facial hair styles,” said Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “The advanced GAN, AI and AR-powered effects introduce a heightened level of discovery and experimentation within the men’s grooming journey that we know users will love.”

The virtual try-on solution for beard styles is now available in the free YouCam Makeup app. Download the app here: App Store and Google Play.