Yugo Spice champions the cause of exotic ‘fusion’ cooking pastes and sauces


The thinking behind Yugo Spice is to bring some ‘fresh energy’ and impetus to an £800m cooking sauce category that’s increasingly looking a little tired and pedestrian.

The rationale behind the three-strong launch range is to provide some simple, stress-free cooking experiences to foodie souls who currently lack the time or culinary conviction to fully express themselves in the kitchen, a welcome break from repetitive weekly food agendas, that negate the need to become embroiled in unduly fussy or finicky recipes that require 24 + ingredients.

Yugo means fusion in Japanese, a range that taps into a growing appreciation for top drawer World Cuisine that is easy to admire and prepare  

The 3-strong Yugo Spice launch range includes: a Miso Chipotle & Curried, Sun-Dried Tomato pastes PLUS a feisty Chipotle Garni hot sauce.

Fusion (a once belittled buzz word of the celebrity chef) is now seen as nothing out-of-the-ordinary as great cuisine is so often an amalgamation of well-travelled minds, cherished regional recipes and an unblunted commitment to share best culinary practice.  Better travelled consumers are certainly less hung up about any recipe’s so-called authenticity, which allows Yugo’s bold flavour palate to represent ‘culinary powerhouses’ as deliciously diverse as Japan, Mexico, The Indian sub-continent and ever-popular Mediterranean.

Yugo Spice is the brainchild Renad Sheraif, a Cass Business School Master’s graduate (In Entrepreneurship) who was struggling to satisfy her gastronomic cravings on a tight student budget.  Now working in Collaboration with one of the UK’s most trusted sauce manufacturers, Renad believes she has a flavourful portfolio that will appeal to everyone from flagship London food halls & delis to a number of the nation’s more premium-leaning supermarkets.  A test launch with Borough Box earlier in the year has proven far more successful than anticipated, which is why talks are now at an advanced stage with an influential clutch of highbrow London stores, fine food wholesalers and a handful of the more experimental supermarkets.