Zapp ties with Oracle to offer UK consumers secure payments on mobile phones


Mobile payment company, Zapp, and Oracle, have announced a strategic alliance which they claim will deliver faster, more secure, more reliable payments for millions of UK consumers on their mobile phones.

Zapp – the easiest and most secure way to pay

Zapp will put in 2014 real-time payments on millions of people’s mobile phones making it easier than ever to pay for goods and services. Without the hassle of new digital wallets or extra passwords or logins Zapp uses a consumer’s existing bank account and smart phone to enable faster and more secure payments.

Zapp can be integrated into merchant online and mobile checkouts and can be used at the point of sale for NFC, QR code or any other system that a retailer has implemented. For consumers Zapp can be embedded in current mobile banking applications so that they can quickly and easily access mobile payments from a trusted source without new logins or passwords. Consumers can check their balance before paying for goods and services thereby staying in control of their finances. 

Oracle and Zapp – secure, reliable and seamless

Together, Oracle and Zapp will build the Zapp payments platform on an Oracle Software & Hardware stack. The Zapp Web, Application and Database Servers will run on Oracle x86 and SPARC hardware, with the software behind the Zapp mobile payment eco-system being built on Oracle’s Database, WebLogic, Enterprise Service Bus, GoldenGate and Data Integration technologies.

These technologies form the key building blocks in the construction of a high performance mobile transaction processing engine combined with advanced data analytics. The Zapp solution leverages Oracle’s in-built, industry leading data encryption technology, ensuring the highest level of data security. Oracle and the company behind Zapp, VocaLink, have a demonstrable track record in delivering secure and reliable services in UK payments processing exemplified by 99.992% availability over the last five years of operation.

Peter Keenan, CEO of Zapp, said: “Ensuring secure and reliable payments for millions of UK consumers, financial institutions and retailers is the foundation of Zapp. Our strategic alliance with Oracle allows us to bring real-time payments to UK consumers through their existing bank account and their mobile phone in 2014.”

Dermot O Kelly, SVP & UK country manager Oracle, said: “Zapp represents the cutting edge of mobile payments innovation and we are delighted to be a part of the co-operative effort which deploys Oracle’s hardware and software to power the Zapp technology. We have an unrivalled reputation for reliability and security in payment systems and we look forward to using our expertise to deliver Zapp into the market in 2014.”