Zapp and WorldPay tie to make mobile payments available to thousands of retailers

Mobile payment solution

Mobile payment solution

Zapp, the UK’s leading mobile payment brand, and WorldPay, the global leader in payment processing, risk and alternative payments, have announced a strategic partnership to make Zapp’s mobile payment solution available to WorldPay’s thousands of merchants. Zapp’s digital-first approach to payments means WorldPay’s merchants will benefit from smoother checkouts, lower fraud and lower cost of sales, the company claims.

Sell more at lower cost with Zapp and WorldPay

Getting more customers through the checkout process securely is crucial to retail success. Research has shown there is £50bn of abandoned check outs in the UK and the payment landscape is becoming increasingly confusing. Zapp will allow people to make real-time payments from their mobile, unlocking the money in their current account in a much simpler and more secure way, it said.

Zapp can be integrated into merchant online and mobile checkouts easily and can be used at the point of sale for NFC, QR code or any other system that a retailer has implemented. For consumers, Zapp can be embedded in current mobile banking applications so they can quickly and easily access mobile payments from a trusted source without new logins or passwords. Consumers can check their balance before paying for goods and services, thereby staying in control of their finances. 

Innovation in payments with Zapp and WorldPay

Zapp: available to retailers in 2014

Zapp: available to retailers in 2014

WorldPay is one of the largest payment services providers in Europe with a reputation for flexibility, security and speed. WorldPay has over many years’ championed payments solutions that drive down fraud, increase conversion and lower cost of sales for merchants. Zapp claims to be the next evolution in payments, built from the ground up for the digital age. 

The strategic partnership between Zapp and WorldPay commits both organisations to working together to optimise the Zapp solution and to make Zapp available to merchants in 2014.

Ron Kalifa, deputy chairman of WorldPay, said: “WorldPay is focused on providing our customers with access to as many different payment types as possible. It’s vital for businesses in the UK to have access to a range of robust, secure and fast payment services, so mobile payments with Zapp will be another great option for our customers.”

Peter Keenan, chief executive of Zapp, said: “I am delighted to announce this partnership between Zapp and WorldPay to roll out Zapp mobile payments in 2014. WorldPay is a crucial partner in the establishment of the Zapp payment eco-system that will deliver benefit for financial institutions, retailers and customers alike.”