Zapper and ICRTouch tie to provide customers with secure way to pay and drive revenue for restaurants

Mobile payment technology extends to restaurants

Mobile payment technology extends to restaurants

Zapper, the mobile payments company, has partnered with ICRTouch, one of the UK’s leading EPoS software providers, to broaden the reach of its mobile payment technology in restaurants.

Restaurants using ICRTouch’s touchscreen EPoS systems and other software will be able to use the Zapper for Restaurants service in their venues. This technology prints a QR code on bills, which diners can then scan with their free Zapper app to pay their bills without having to wait for a card terminal. The diner can easily add a tip or split the bill as desired. Zapper also captures customer’s details, allowing restaurants to build a community and provide targeted offers and promotions.

By partnering with ICRTouch, Zapper will benefit from its PoS software systems and gain access to its portfolio of clients within the restaurant and café market, to further broaden the hundreds of restaurants already using the Zapper service.

ICRTouch recognises that every business is different and as such values the flexibility that Zapper technology provides. With the new partnership, ICRTouch will be able to offer its clients an innovative, mobile-first method of payment through the Zapper app, subsequently improving the quality of the service, reducing errors and fraud, and simplifying payment.

European MD for Zapper, Bradley Duke said: “We are proud to call ICRTouch a partner, a partner who similarly understands innovation and ways to make businesses run more easily. The ICRTouch – Zapper partnership will allow even more diners to easily pay the bill and take advantage of personalised offers. The benefits continue for the restaurants themselves, as the Zapper for Restaurants service is designed to build community, drive revenue and importantly provide a superior customer experience.”

The process of integration is claimed to be easier than ever with the release of version 2.0 of Zapper’s Web API, easily allowing PoS vendors to create Zapper payment codes associated with individual orders, providing personalised offers to customers based on their previous menu choices.

CEO and co-founder of ICRTouch, Colin Ringer, said: “Our exciting new partnership with Zapper has allowed ICRTouch to integrate and take full advantage of the latest innovation in mobile payments. We have utilised Zapper’s QR Code technology to provide a simple, fast and secure way to pay. At peak times of service, time is of the essence and with the use of Zapper, customers can pay the bill at their own convenience without any reliance on calling the waiting staff to the table. What’s also great is how the use of Zapper allows the merchant to utilise push notifications to streamline promotional activity and interact directly with their target audience, helping to ensure higher customer retention rates.”

Zapper was launched in October 2013 and already has hundreds of independent restaurants and chains using the system internationally. The Zapper app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For more information about Zapper please visit: