Zymurgorium Gin claims to be leading charge in ethical pricing of hand sanitiser


Zymurgorium, the creator of never-seen before gins, liqueurs and Rums is aiming to disrupt the market with its efforts to supply fairly priced hand sanitiser amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

With the increasing need for sanitisers in full force, bigger producers have surged the prices of sanitisers, often limiting access for those who are in dire need of the product to stay safe. 

Switching up production to help keep local authorities,  fire brigade, blood bikers, care homes and local communities safe, Zymurgorium is passionate about providing an ethical pricing structure which will ensure the safety of those on the front-line and in day-to-day service. 

Looking to establish the Manchester based distillery as a fair and supportive market leader in hand sanitiser, Zymurgorium has launched a brand-new line of hand sanitiser, Zymitizer, available for £7.50 per litre bottle and £19.99 for a 5 litre jerry can, the most reasonably priced product currently on the market.

The ethical pricing structure follows the brand using all profits from previous sale of hand sanitiser to either pay for ingredients for the next batches or to reinvest into equipment to ensure the same quality, but at an even better price.

The Zymurgorium distillery, based in Irlam, Manchester is currently up to a capacity of a swimming pools worth of hand sanitiser daily, allowing a fast and effective turnaround for companies in need.  

With ethics front and centre, Zymurgorium continues to be in full operation and paying staff full living wages, alongside supporting Covid-19 charitable causes. 

Aaron Ross Darke, managing director at Zymurgorium, said: “Our main goal and ambition is to ensure no one is being ripped off when purchasing hand sanitiser, especially at this crucial time when it really is a key necessity to ensuring people’s safety. We want ethics to be front and centre of everything we do and being able to produce and provide quality hand sanitiser, currently the most reasonably priced on the market, is absolutely essential to us. 

“We hope our new fair pricing structure will have a knock on effect for those currently producing hand sanitiser as we look to welcome the challenge of providing a top quality product that ensures the safety of our customers without them compromising on price.” 

Zymurgorium is also looking to give back to those who have previously purchased hand sanitiser from them, currently offering a 20% voucher for any sized order and 20% off for key workers which also includes their extensive range of spirits.